Cruising the Mediterranean

In the wake of the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra disasters would you go on a cruise liner at the minute?

I would honestly say yes to that question. Not only are the prices now being slashed due to these incidents but the safety records on cruise ships are still impeccable. Now let’s have a quick look at where we could go to on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Cruises

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Western Mediterranean

In the Western Mediterranean we have such places as the party island of Ibiza, the millionaire’s playground of Monte Carlo and the wonderful city of Florence.

With so many destinations on offer there is something for everyone on each and every cruise. The Western Mediterranean covers a vast array of countries and with this in mind you will be blown away with the different cultures and scenery as you sail under the hot Mediterranean sunshine.

Starting any cruise off, as you leave one beautiful city behind only to find the next better in so many ways you will want to stay on the cruise ship for ever.

As you spend most of your time on board the ship there is plenty to do on each cruise ship. Many have gyms, swimming pools, casinos, cinemas, restaurants and so much more to keep you entertained during your cruise.

There is plenty of room on most cruise ships as they have enough cabin room to hold at least 1000 passengers in the lap of luxury. Some even hold over 3000 passengers so you are sure to find someone with similar interests to talk and make friends with.

Eastern Mediterranean

If you are heading to the Eastern Mediterranean then you will be blown away at how colourful and diverse the countries are. The hustle and bustle of Turkey, the welcoming people of Greece and the landscape of Croatia will envelop you during your holiday and some cruises even make port in Egypt, which adds some wonderful character to your experience.

Now, cruises will allow you to explore more than one city on each trip as you are transported from pick up to at least five different cities throughout the Mediterranean. If you head for Central Mediterranean then you will have the chance to see the cities of Cartagena, Venice, Dubrovnik, Palma and more.

The Mediterranean cruise market is booming and there are over 25 different cruise lines sailing the Mediterranean which means there is a package to suit almost anybody. Whether you want a quick trip taking in the main ports you can enjoy a mini-cruise or a grand voyage taking you to destinations you didn’t know existed you can be sure to find a cruise holiday that will suit your budget, your style and your taste.

There is of course one drawback to these types of holidays; you are never in one place for long enough to actually get round all the cities and sights that you may want to. But then again you can always come back another time….


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