Cruising Australia

For my 40th birthday my wife had decided to take me on a 12 night cruise around Australia. I think it is safe to say I absolutely loved it! Seeing some of the best bits of Australia was an excellent way to celebrate my birthday and I have decided to let everyone about the things that you can experience by telling you all what I did.

Sydney Opera HouseOn my first day we went to Sydney which was a great start, we went to the Sydney Opera House for a tour. We learnt all about their unique design, visited the concert halls and you experience beautiful views of the harbor.

After spending a day at sea we went to Brisbane, where we did hot air ballooning. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip, whilst you’re in the air you sit back and watch the world go by, you even get to watch the sunrise. When you return to ground you pack the balloon away but it’s done through fun games so it’s all enjoyable, you then sit down to eat some breakfast and are even given Champaign. (All included)

After another day at sea we visited Airlie, we spent the day on a fantastic beach just soaking up the sun, and had a go in the sea.

The day after was spent at Willis Island which is external territory of Australia, located beyond the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea. It is a part of Australia of which must be experienced it is fairly isolated so it’s very peaceful.

Half Moon Bay Golf ClubThe next day was spent at Yorkeys knob, this is another beach, however I spent the day golfing at Half Moon Bay Golf Club which is open all year and a fantastic golf course.

We then spent 2 days at sea just enjoying the cruise and the entertainment which I really enjoyed although if I do a cruise again I will be sure to take sea sickness tablets. After never doing a cruise before I was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing, the rooms where nice, a great pool on deck but I have to admit my favorite part of the ship was the casino.

On the 10th day we visited Newcastle, me being English made it a top priority to watch the Newcastle jets fc. Watching the football was another strong highlight of my holiday.

Sydney Harbour BridgeFor my 11th and last day we found ourselve in Sydney again, this time we spent the day on the Sydney Harbour Bridge On a 3.5-hour guided Sydney Bridge Climb, your professional leader will take you along the outer arches of the bridge on catwalks and ladders up to the 440-foot (134-meter) summit, where you’ll admire amazing 360-degree views of the city. This was the perfect end to an amazing holiday.

I recommend this amazing trip to all, Australia has a lot to offer, I barely scraped the surface of the activities that where available there. I had a fantastic time and a great holiday all done through my beautiful wife.

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