Cruise Destinations in Chile

To get there you have to go to the end of the earth, but it’s worth it. The exciting country of Chile has incredible cruise destinations that are sure to satisfy your taste for adventure, wonder, delicious food and great wine. You will find everything here – beautiful beaches, towering mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and fjords. You might even stumble upon Robinson Crusoe’s island.

Cruise ship in Chile by Jorge in Brazil on Flickr

Before You Go

Make sure you check weather patterns for the best cruise dates to South America. Remember the seasons are reversed down there. That is, in December and January, Chile is enjoying summer time.

Don’t forget some of these important details:

  • Apply for or renew your passport
  • Check and coordinate airfare and itineraries (some cruise companies do this for you)
  • Check weather forecast; be prepared for variable weather on board
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and/or sun hat

Now, let’s climb aboard and see what awaits us in and around Chile.


This old Victorian style town is home to one of the steepest cable incline cars in the world. The snowcapped Andes Mountains can be seen in the background, and this is Chile’s oldest city. Less than an hour to the south you can visit the Maipo Valley which is home to many of Chile’s world famous vineyards.


This is the capital of Chile and one of the larger cities in South America. With over six million people, the city has an incredible diversity and is rich in Chilean culture. Have a traditional Chilean barbeque with some of the best beef in the world. Extend your stay in Santiago and visit museums and tour the historical sites of this legendary land. Maybe even catch folk dancing and costumes worn by the original immigrants to this remote corner of the earth.

Great Seafood

Don’t forget, all off Chile’s western border is the Pacific Ocean. The seafood is exceptional and world class. With Chilean sea bass, salmon and king crab the seafood lover in you will be thrilled to taste the fresh culinary delights unique to this part of the world. There are even exotic seafood dishes that you can’t find anywhere else.

The End of the Earth

The very southernmost tip of South America is Cape Horn. This is near where famous explorers like Ferdinand Magellan charted previously undiscovered waterways. Here you can see uninhabited islands, mountains and maybe even icebergs. One thing is for sure, you will not be bored exploring one of the last regions of the world to be discovered by western man.

Robinson Crusoe Island

In 1704 a sailor, named Alexander Selkirk, was marooned on a remote island off the coast of Chile. He lived on this island alone for over four years. This castaway had only a musket, some simple tools, a knife and a Bible to get him through his solitary confinement. This history is thought to have inspired Daniel Defoe to write his classic story Robinson Crusoe. The best part is that this island exists and is now part of the country of Chile.

The island is beautiful with incredible mountain views of coves that just might have been places where Selkirk spent long lonely day, months and years.


If you want great adventure and variety, then a Chilean cruise is a great way to go. You will explore a new culture and go to places many have never even heard of. Plus, you will have world class food to keep you satisfied while you enjoy your vacation. So what are you waiting for? Book a cruise now!


Tim Baker loves to travel and writes about world travel on travel blogs. He is passionate about eating well while travelling. 

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