Cool Converters for Travel Fiends

One of the biggest challenges for travel is dealing with dueling electrical connections. The hair dryer that works in the United States, for example, may not be appropriate for European travel. How does the travel fiend dance around this ongoing problem? With one or two nifty converter devices, that’s how.

European Plug

An electrical adapter sits on the plug of the device. If you were going to use the electric razor from home, for instance, you would plug the razor into the device and then insert the device into a foreign outlet. There are many different formats on the market for converters. Consider some cool options that will make your travel life simpler.

Adapter Set-Ups

There are two basic set-ups for travel adapters. One, an adaptor only, connects the terminals together without actually changing the voltage. The second, a converter, alters the amount of electricity going from the wall socket into the appliance when the local power system is incompatible.

It requires some research to ensure you purchase the appropriate style and plug type. Go online and locate a country chart that lists the plug styles common in various areas around the world. Australia uses Type I while France prefers Type E or C. If in doubt, buy something designed for universal use.

Universal Converters

A universal adapter works for many different countries. They come with different plug options and a built-in surge protector, but can vary by wattage. One unit might be right for input of between 100V to 240V AC while the next only works in 220V to 240V countries.

Device-Specific Converters

Electronic device manufacturers offer kits for those travel geeks going across borders. These kits are universal for the country but functional for specific brands of digital cameras, tablet computers, or smartphones. One such kit includes a number of AC plugs that work in Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Korea. This is a cool tool to have because it allows you to recharge no matter where you go.

Appliance Needs

Appliance manufacturers also have your back when you take their products overseas. Items like hair dryers and electric shavers may need special attention, too. Their manufacturers offer an adapter/converter combo specifically for beauty tools. It will transform electrical current that runs at 220-240 into the U.S. standard of 110-120 for use on products other than computers or phones.

Most include a surge protector to prevent burnout or shocks if the power should spike, as well. This is the same as the surge protector you use at home for electronics, but travel sized.

The Adapter for Mobile Life

For the traveler always looking for a USB port, you can combine an adaptor with a USB charger geared toward any mobile device. This means charging your phone and tablet no matter what country you are visiting. One of these international travel plug adapters works in 150 countries and allows you to change plug settings with the push a button. Once you insert the adapter into a plug, you can charge your mobile device using the appropriate USB connector.

Traveling is complex, especially when going to another country. With currency conversions and passport issues, procedures like charging your phone or drying your hair may seem like the least of your worries. You will be glad you took the time to stock up on several different types of travel converters before you leave home.

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