Cliffs to Remember

Being the broke post-college student that I am, I’m always scouring the internet for amazing deals, primarily travel deals, being a travel enthusiast. My dream vacation spot had always been Ireland so when I found this great deal to spend a week on the Emerald Isle, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I booked my ticket, packed my bag, and before I knew it I was Dublin-bound.

Cliff Walk

Ireland has been a dream destination for travels across the globe, and for good reason. From its grand cathedrals to its rolling green hills, the country has so much to offer its visitors as does the Irish capitol where I was spending the week. The city has a modern European cosmopolitan feel to it while still retaining that historic atmosphere. Being the history nerd that I am, I was really looking forward to all of the great historical sites that the city has to offer. But what I was really looking forward to most was taking in some of Ireland’s famous scenic beauty. However, that was kind of a problem since I was staying in the Dublin area and I didn’t have a car rental at my disposal. I wanted to get out of the city a bit to be able to see some of that amazing scenery, but where could I go to see that without breaking the bank on an expensive day tour? I found a savior: the fishing village of Howth.

Located just northeast of the city, the quaint village of Howth offers tourists a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Dublin. Being a fishing village located off the Irish Sea, Howth is a great way to catch some amazing views of the Irish coast. But the real scenic views are just a short hike away from the tiny village as the Howth cliff walk gives visitors a taste of that well-known scenic Irish landscape.

Cliff Walk

With just a short walk from the village you can pick up the trail as the elevation starts to pick up drastically. Hikers are able to walk the edges of the elevated Howth peninsula which juts out into the Irish Sea, making for some amazing views. The dangers of the walk are made known to hikers as signs of “Warning: Dangerous Cliffs” are posted throughout the area. So, this walk will definitely require some caution, but the views that you receive are well worth the risk.

As you continue along the hike you are surrounded by a sea of purple and yellow wildflowers which alone would make for an incredible hike, but it’s the views of the sea and cliffs that are the real highlight. The walk can be a bit of a challenge given the elevation, but if you are up for the risk (and have a good portion of the day to devote to the hike) then you will be rewarded with some great views that make for some great photo opportunities. Dublin had some incredible attractions, but this hike was the highlight of the trip for me and helped make this trip one that I’ll never forget.

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