Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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Picking the perfect honeymoon destination with your high school sweetheart

There are quite a few popular honeymoon destinations that are frequented year round by couples; Switzerland, Hawaii, Australia, Italy and France being on top of the list. While these destinations offer lots of sightseeing options, natural landscape and local entertainment, it is vital to pick a honeymoon destination that suits and you and your partner, something that you both can really enjoy. While most couples would enjoy traveling to these popular destinations, high school sweethearts might want to pick a destination a bit more different.

Pick a place that you will both enjoy.

Pick your partners dream destination. High school sweethearts know a lot more about each other than other couples who have not had as much time to date each other. For this reason, you know if your partner has been fantasizing about scuba diving in Thailand since you guys met. This makes the honeymoon extremely special because your partner gets to do something they have really wanted and share that experience with you. While some couples may enjoy the usual honey moon destinations, others may enjoy slightly more adventurous places they can explore and experience, like India, Nepal or Vietnam. Pick a place that offers things you both like to do and covers most of the interests you guys share. Discuss your options with your partner and find out what they want and expect, then decide.

Pick an affordable destination.

Pick a place that will give you and your partner the freedom to spend. Since the two of you have probably just spent a bit on the wedding, you want to select a location that allows you to have fun and not drain you financially. Explore your options by talking to travel agents and search online to find the best destinations that have lower rates as far as hotels and traveling goes.

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Pick a place that has great weather all year round.

Time your wedding according to your honey moon. While it might sound a bit ridiculous, honey mooning in the off season is quite affordable and fun. Affordable because flights, hotels and entertainment are all cheaper when it is off season and there are few tourists about and fun because it means no lines at the parks or crowds at the shopping malls. Pick a honey moon destination that has great weather when its tourist off season. Tropical places are great because they are generally pretty sunny all year round. If you cannot delay the wedding to enjoy an off season, more affordable honey moon then delay the honey moon. This will give you more time to plan and actually save up a bit after the wedding. This is the one time after your wedding that you two will actually have off work and spend with each other, so plan it out properly to make it a memorable trip.

Pick a destination that is stress free.

While the world is turning into one big global village, there are still places around the world that are going through political instability and turmoil. While these might look good online, they are not safe for tourists and political unrest can turn a peaceful vacation into a stressful, wasteful trip. Pick a destination that is safe for tourists and check up on your local governments travel advisory.

Getting married to your high school sweet heart means you are comfortable and happy with your spouse and a honeymoon allows you to really get to know each other more intimately and deeply by traveling with each other. For this reason, it is vital to put some thought into your honey moon and plan it out so it is extremely special and unique. If you two cannot afford a trip to some exotic location, pick a resort close by and just have fun relaxing.


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