Choosing the Best Ski Resort in Siberia

Skiing Adventures in Siberia

Sounds different? Yes, it sounds exciting!  Imagine having all that space to ski with no queues for the ski lift or queues for anything really! Just vast space to do all the ski tricks and moves that you were taught by your last instructor. Or maybe you want to have a go at ski-boarding.  Great place to do it as you don’t have to worry about having crowds around to distract you from your moves.

Ski Resorts in Siberia

Siberia has the best holiday destinations for skiing. And the best part, they don’t have queues.  Did I say that already? Well, it is just to remind myself that there is an adventure waiting for me in Siberia with my skiing friends.  Looking for ski resorts, I found the following choices so far:

  • Baikalsk: This is the only resort in Siberia where you can rent hardboot snowboard equipment with 6 advanced trails and 3 intermediate to basic.
  • Gladenkaya: This is mainly a ski resort but snowboarders are welcome. There are ski tournaments at the end of February and 3 trails.
  • Sheregesh Ski Resort: This resort was built in a remote mining town that has consistent snow from November to March with 6 lifts and 5 trails. This is probably the most developed ski resort.

Look for deals with a legitimate Siberian travel company.  Most of the resorts have a sauna and access to a pub and restaurant.  They are great places to get away from it all and focus on skiing and relaxing.

Trans-Siberian Railway

When planning to go traveling to Siberia there are many different routes to take.  Think about taking a very interesting trip on your next ski holiday.  It is possible to take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing or Moscow to Siberia and back.  The journey on the way could make stops at different towns and villages for you to explore.  But there is also the Express Tour which will take you to your ski resort so you can get on with the adventure.  Should you want to take a mini-tour of one of the towns or villages make sure you work that into your package deal.

Choosing a Ski Resort

Once you have the plan to go to Siberia to ski and maybe to take in a stop or two on the way then take a look at which ski resort you think you would like to book into on your tour.  If it is more snowboarding that you want to do and don’t want to take the equipment with you then the Baikalsk Ski Resort is the one to choose as they have snowboarding equipment that you can rent.  If you already have your own equipment and want to be freer to choose then any of the others would be fine.  Remember they are remote so going there is mainly for a real getaway and to focus on skiing and relaxing in the sauna after a long day of fun.

As the locals say “the air is clean and there’s good hunting and fishing”. So if you wanted to take in a trip to Lake Baikal to take in some fishing or even just a day trip then the Baikalsk resort is close by and would be a good choice.

Tips on Packing

When packing to go to Siberia there are a few things that you might want to remember for the trip to make it more pleasant:

  • bring an e-book or one paperback
  • flashlight (and batteries)
  • mints/gum
  • visas for all the different countries you will be entering (China, Mongolia, Russia)
  • thermals (it gets very cold) and t-shirts to wear underneath
  • waterproofs
  • plug adapter
  • two sets of sunglasses (should you lose or break one pair)
  • hoodies and a hat

Whatever you decide, pack light.  On the train it will be very warm so wear layers so that you can be comfortable on the train and then ready to put the layers back on when leaving the train.

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