Check Out Complaint Websites Before Hitting the Road

Airport Complaints and ReviewsThere’s always the risk that you will encounter problems when traveling. A hotel room can lack its five star rating, airlines can leave a passenger stranded or tour facilities may go under. You may be wondering if there are any actions that you can take if this happens. There are numerous complaint websites on the Internet where you can screen hotels, restaurants and other businesses that will protect you when you are planning your trip. The following are some helpful tips to help prevent problems when you hit the road.


One of the most important ways to avoid a problem with a hotel is by doing a bit of investigative work before you book your room. There are a number of sites that offer firsthand accounts from travelers that can alert you to a crisis before it happens to you. Reviews are excellent sources for a traveler to avoid a dirty hotel, problems with the staff or facilities that are lacking necessary features. If you find that something goes wrong after you book your trip, you can also make a complaint on any of these sites. To bolster your case, snap photos and take notes on the dispute.


The airline industry is loaded with numerous complaints because most travelers are at their mercy. Air travelers seldom think about checking the reviews of an airline before they book their trip. This is an excellent idea, and there are a number of online resources to help you get a comprehensive overview of an airline and its services. This is especially helpful if a bag is lost, your trip has been delayed, or the flight has been overbooked. You can follow-up with your own review if you’ve received unsatisfactory service. This will help other travelers, and it can also help rectify your problem if you’ve posted your complaint on a site where the business has a chance to remedy the discord.

Travel Agencies and Tour Guide Groups

Most tour guide operations and travel agencies are legitimate companies, but consumers will find some real horror stories with a number of facilities they need to be aware of. A consumer complaints website will be able to help travelers find reviews on agencies that have been open a week and seem to disappear after they receive your money. Cases like this can be rare, but they do happen. Check out the online reviews from other travelers to find reputable agents and travel guide organizations. Make sure they belong to the Tour Operators Association, and they are financially stable.

Car Rental

Before you rent a vehicle on your trip, you may want to check out the reviews and complaints on the various online sites. They usually have advice on any hidden costs that a traveler can incur, the terms and conditions, and the treatment received by the company. Some problems a consumer may experience would be to reserve a specific vehicle for a trip, and they find that the car has been rented to someone else. However, they have a more expensive vehicle ready for rental. The reviews help to make other consumers aware of some of the difficulties that other passengers have experienced, and it will help you avoid difficulties later on.

The Internet has brought together a new outlet for customers to help deal with their disputes, and it also helps other consumers to become aware of these difficulties before they experience them on their own. More travelers are airing their problems on the various complaint sites in hopes that the business will take responsibility for their actions and help them find a resolution to their grievance.


Katie Hewatt is an avid traveler and contributing author for Gripevine, a consumer complaints website that is a neutral and drama-free environment where consumers and companies can work out their differences. Gripevine is a great site to review the reputation of airlines, hotels, and restaurants on your trip itinerary.

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