Why Your Next Vacation Should be in Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

Before you know it, your warm summery town will be blanketed in a depressing white sheet of snow. With mother nature, you have to take the good with the bad

But you have other options besides turning on the heater, and watching football til spring. Instead open your windows wide and take a deep breath in front of a sunny beach.

Obviously you’re not in Minnesota anymore. No, not Florida either, A little further south in Colombia, South America.

This is Colombia – The scenery beautiful, the people friendly, and it is sunny all year round.

What’s even best is that heading to Colombia for your next vacation is piece of cake. You don’t need a visa. Just get your passport and buy your tickets, period. Where to go? To Cartagena, of course.

I recommend going to Cartagena because I’ve been there and I know the city is great and very safe, especially if you stay in Bocagrande or El Laguito. You don’t even need to search for a hotel. Hotels are OK and there are plenty of them to choose; but if you really want to enjoy yourself, let me suggest you an apartment in Cartagena because, in an apartment, you just get another level of privacy. You can reserve one just from your computer.

Then, go to the beach. You will not only get a suntan that will make others green with envy but you will also enjoy THE sunsets. Sure there are dozens of beautiful sights around, but you need to relax first to enjoy them; so just go there and enjoy yourself. Leave tourism for the next day.

Time to hit the dance floor? Great. Head to the disco. In Colombia you will find some of the most serious rumba (what they call parties) and some of hottest girls on Earth. Latino music is so latino you can’t help having fun. 100% recommended.

After the party, Cartagena offers a lot to see during the day also. All tourist guides will invite you to start with the walled city and the San Felipe de Barajas castle. There are palaces, and museums, not to mention the local food is an adventure. The mud volcano is another place to meet. You will not only enjoy the walk and sinking there awhile. Your skin will see the benefits too, especially after a day under the sun.

But don’t just believe me. Take a free sample of Cartagena here.

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