Caribbean Timeshare Rental Tips

The Caribbean is a beautiful place to be, making it one of the world’s most popular places to buy, sell, or rent timeshares. A timeshare is a great way to experience home away from home. Whether someone is looking to rent a timeshare or rent their property out as a timeshare to prospective lessees, everyone wins. For those who are looking to rent, it can cut out the costs of buying or maintaining a Caribbean property; for owners, renting out a timeshare can help to bring in profits on the home for maintenance costs or taxes while it is not being occupied by the owner or family.

Caribbean timeshare by GGtimeshares on Flickr

Tips for Timeshare Renters

Once the choice is made to rent a timeshare rather than purchase a home in a vacation destination, the hunt for a timeshare can begin. A great way to find timeshare properties in Trinidad and Tobago is to try a Trinidad classified site. Online websites tend to give the most exposure for rental properties or those that are for sale. Once a potential property is located, it should always be investigated to ensure that it is the right timeshare rental for the shopper. Any and all negative traits regarding the property should be noted for later comparison with other properties.

Before shopping begins, a potential occupant should decide when he or she will be using the timeshare. The different seasons can result in competition among timeshares as well as price fluctuations. How long each stay will be should also be decided in order to accurately price timeshares and determine availability.

Tips for Owners of Timeshare Properties

For those who are beginning the journey into profiting with timeshare properties, the process can be quite daunting and confusing at first. Right before the property is listed it will need to be cleaned in detail and prepared for viewing. Potential renters want to see all of the perks and negative traits in a timeshare property. Any maintenance issues should be resolved prior to renting.

Once the property is prepared, it will need visibility to attract potential occupants. This can be achieved by listing the property on classified sites or with a realtor. Once a potential occupant is found, he or she should be checked out, ensuring that the owner will receive payment and that the property will not be at risk for vandalism. If this is not done, a bad tenant can cause damage to the property that exceeds the amount of money that was earned from renting it out.

Being Timely and Professional

In either situation, both potential tenants and timeshare owners should communicate professionally and in a timely manner. Deficiency in either of these could result in a lost agreement. Timeshare owners can lose potential occupants if communication takes too long, while occupants can quickly be turned away for being unprofessional or rude. Proper etiquette is simply a requirement when it comes to renting timeshare properties, and the lack of etiquette can pose a major setback for both parties.


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