Canada – Your Next Vacation Could be More Exciting

A trip to Canada offers much more than Niagara Falls and theater events. Many people aren’t aware that the country has much to offer in the way of adventurous vacations. If you’re looking for a thrilling holiday, here are five exciting things you can do in Canada:

Whale Watching
Most people don’t equate the country of Canada with whale watching; what a mistake! Just off the coasts of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Nova Scotia are waters that make for prime whale watching opportunities. During the summer months, visitors are virtually guaranteed to see Pilot Whales, Humpbacks, and Fin Whales along with dolphins and seals. If you’ve ever dreamed of an exhilarating whale watching tour, head to Canada!

Winterdance Canada Dog Sledding HuskiesDog Sledding
The sport of dog sledding is incredibly popular in the back country of Canada. There is nothing more exciting than being in charge of your own dog sledding team as you race through the winter scenery of Canada. Rather than a single day of sledding, many tour companies offer packages that will give you an all-encompassing experience: care for the animals, harness your sled and steer through the trails as part of your mushing adventure. Be sure to take along your camera; you won’t want to miss out on any of the incredible photo opportunities.

If you don’t think that hiking can be adventurous, think again! Back country trails offer visitors a view of unspoiled wilderness and wide open spaces. With over a million lakes and miles of waterway, the country is perfect for any nature-loving outdoorsman. Choose your preference: wilderness areas with no trails or beautiful mountain country with established routes. No matter your hiking ability, you’ll find the perfect holiday in virtually every province. For your safety, however, it is recommended that you either take a guided tour or check in at a ranger station and advise them of your intended route.

Take a look at Canada in a new light. There is a great deal of opportunities to try your luck throughout the country. Try staying at an all-encompassing casino and resort where you can do everything from spa treatments to enjoying nature to many kinds of gaming adventures. If you don’t want to stay at a resort, you can take advantage of Canada’s online gaming experiences from anywhere you can access the internet.

Mount Carleton Provincial Park / Parc provincial Mont-CarletonIce Fishing
Whether you love summer-time fishing or not, ice fishing is a brand new game! For the optimal experience, book a guide who will take you, via dogsled, to your very own igloo for a day of ice fishing. Chip a hole in the ice and try your hand at catching any fish from Northern Pike to Lake Trout. Just be mindful of where you toss your fish; bears are always looking for a free meal! Bundle up, get cozy and catch your evening’s dinner. You’ve never had fish so fresh.

If you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, look no further than Canada. If you’re still up for a bit of excitement after the kids go to bed, hook up your WiFi and try your hand at an online poker game or two. No one said your adventure had to be limited to the outdoors!

 Math enthusiast Jonathan Parks who also writes for is an avid traveler and enjoys locations that offer gaming entertainment.


  1. Have to second the back country hiking as a great way to see Canada.

    Not sure about in the east, but in British Columbia, there are back country campsites setup, so you can spend a day hiking from a more established area, to a campsite in the middle of nowhere.

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