Camping Survival Tips: Don’t Be Caught Without These Items

Swiss army knife camping suppliesNobody wants to think of survival situations when they want only to enjoy a weekend in the woods, or a week or so in the mountains or desert. However, survival skills are something that one hones in the hope that they will never be called upon to put such skills to use. Of course, when somebody is taking their recreational vehicle on their excursion, they are usually packing everything from bath salts to a wood burning camp stove. Staying alive against the odds is not on their list of priorities. Unfortunately, even if someone is sheltered in the comfort of an RV park at the foot of a national forest, there remains the chance that one may become lost during a mild afternoon of exploring.

Even the most casual of hikes must be considered something that could lead to an extreme situation. It is easy to let one’s eyes lead them along on the hike. The individual tends to focus on the beauty surrounding him or her, rather on where they are going, and from which direction they are coming. Even someone who knows exactly where they are during their jaunt can break an ankle or leg and become immobilized. While traveling down paths and climbing up rocks, the hiker should pay as much attention to the ground they are walking, as they are the sights around them. It is also important to look in the direction from which one has just come while hiking. That is because everything will look different on the way back to camp, unless one has turned to look back often and take note.

Windproof matches for campingExcept for water, the most important items for survival are the smallest. There is no excuse for hikers, no matter their experience, not to carry these on their person during any excursion away from camp. These items, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Knife – The knife must be of quality steel, and honed to a sharp edge. A six-inch blade is fine, and it should have a good, serrated edge on the back.
  • Swiss Army Knife – One can never know which one of the tools contained within this vital tool will be of most use in a dire situation.
  • Compass – The sense of direction can become skewed when one is lost, causing them to walk for miles in the wrong direction. The compass will ensure that person stays on course back to camp.
  • Wind-Proof Matches – These dynamos burn like blow-torches long enough to start any fire.
  • Tinder – Kindling and wood is often easy to find, but tinder, the fluff that allows the kindling to catch fire, is harder to obtain.
  • Space Blanket – It is the size of a wallet, and may be used to create a shelter from the wind, a blanket for warmth, and is also useful should someone go into shock.
  • Slingshot – Once the energy bars are gone, the lost or incapacitated hiker will regret it, should he or she have failed to pack one of these useful tools on his or her person?

These are items that, for the most part, are easy to overlook. However, they can mean the difference between life and death. A good practice is to have them pre-packed into every pair of pants when one goes on a trip. If they are packed into jacket pockets, they may be left behind if the weather is too warm for a jacket when one decides to take a hike.

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