Business Travelers: Is Your Company’s Data Safe While You’re on Vacation?

Everyone needs to get away from work and head out on vacation every so often. Unfortunately, for many business owners this is a difficult prospect. Luckily, with modern technology, it’s quite possible for these professionals to head out on a getaway and still have their work nearby if necessary. Sadly, traveling with confidential data presents significant risks.  However, there are numerous ways business owners can minimize these dangers.

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Data Loss Statistics

Incidents of data loss or theft are an unavoidable part of the business world, but not all companies are affected every year. It should be noted, however, that 2012 saw a spike in incidents of data loss. Around 28 percent of these incidents involved some type of hacking, but 12 percent involved stolen laptops. Since a laptop is one of the main ways that business owners can take their work with them on vacation, this presents a substantial risk.

Dangers of Data Loss While on Vacation

As mentioned, stolen laptops are one of the main ways that data theft occurs while on vacation. It should also be noted, however, that lost laptops are another factor that causes data loss. These unfortunate events can easily occur on vacation when an individual leaves their luggage unattended. Dishonest individuals can simply walk off with untold amounts of a company’s data.

In addition, hacking, as already mentioned, presents a huge risk in data loss. This danger is especially prevalent when a business owner is on vacation. Since most vacations include hotel stays, this means a person will likely be using the establishment’s public Wifi access. Anyone within range of the hotel and a method for accessing its Wifi will be on the same network and can gain access to important information if proper safety measures aren’t practiced.

Minimizing Risks

Data theft and loss can cause huge problems for a company, but luckily, there are ways to minimize these risks. Just taking a few proactive measures while on vacation can go a long way.

  • Never leave luggage unattended: This is an essential rule for anyone, and it’s especially important for business owners. Thieves can simply walk up to unattended luggage and walk off with it. Always keep luggage within reach and eyesight. It’s even advisable to travel light so the need to sit down heavy luggage doesn’t exist.
  • Consider Colocation Services: Colocation services provide a secure way to secure data and prevent it from being lost. Colocation centers allow business owners to choose the amount of data and bandwidth they need for storage, and the built-in security measures can protect from both theft and loss of data.
  • Encryption: Encryption practices are another great way to protect data. In a case where all other protection methods fail, encryption will provide a “last stand” for protecting a company’s data. Even if a thief secures a business owner’s laptop, they’ll find it quite difficult to gain access to data if it is encrypted.

The loss or theft of company data can lead to numerous consequences, including legal troubles, for business owners and their companies. Luckily though, data loss is a constant risk, and these risks can be mitigated. A business owner who takes a few proactive measures, even inexpensive ones, can increase the chances that their company will be safe while they’re on vacation.

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