Business Travel Cases – From Laptops to Tradeshows

When you take a vacation you leave all your extra “baggage” behind; all you need are a few good books, some suntan lotion, your clothing, and toiletries. When you travel for business, you essentially need to bring the office with you! This becomes especially complicated when packing for seminars or trade shows. However, if you have the right equipment, organizing yourself for business travel can be effortless and actually help you to be more efficient.

Laptop Cases

Your laptop is your professional lifeline; the manifestation of all of the business concepts and processes that go on in your brain. It is essential to protect it when you travel, and a variety of cases are available for this purpose. Laptop cases should be sturdy, crush proof, watertight, and secure. Many can be custom made to fit your particular model. Others have a standard outer case with a custom-fitted foam insert. When traveling with associates to conventions or trade shows, you may need to bring along several laptops. Many companies make cases that can fit several laptops.

Cases for Monitors and Screens

Monitor and Screen Cases

Digital displays are becoming more and more popular. With the trend toward touch screens and interactive displays, you may need to transport large monitors along with your other trade show equipment. Many cases are available to transport flat-screen LCD, LED and plasma monitors. The outer frames of these cases should be all but indestructible, and the inner foam should allow no movement.

Trade Show Cases

Trade Show Cases

When you are attending a trade show, you need to bring along equipment that may not necessarily be designed for travel. Projectors, displays and specialty equipment are not usually designed to fit inside your carry-on luggage. If you decide to ship your gear, you run the risk of breakage or water damage if it is packaged in cardboard boxes.

Hard cases of various sizes are essential for traveling to trade shows, and they must be:

• Durable enough to withstand heavy usage and the elements
• Practical enough to suit a variety of oddly shaped items
• Portable with attached wheels to allow for easy transportability.

Graphics Cases

Graphics Cases

Large-format graphics are essential keys to trade show presentation and displays. They are the first things your potential clients will notice when approaching your booth, and they need to remain in pristine condition. There are many graphics cases available to accommodate large-format graphics, but make certain they are the proper length and width to comfortably fit. A hard exterior will prevent graphics from becoming folded, bent or torn during transport. Handles and wheels make these cases more convenient for easy setup and break down.

The Benefits of Using Reliable Cases

When you prepare for a business meeting or trade show, you may find it necessary to bring along expensive gear or important literature. Why package costly and valuable items in inexpensive, flimsy cases?  If your displays are continually getting damaged as you travel from show to show, you will not be able to put forth the best image of your company. First impressions matter. Using a reliable case to transport all of your trade show equipment can make or break a sale.
When using business cases it is important to keep airline baggage regulations in mind. Be prepared to pay additional fees for oversized or overweight items. It may be more cost effective to have the cases shipped directly to your destination. In addition, make sure the cases are secure; most cases can be locked to add another layer of protection and to prevent theft.

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