Buckle Up For These 7 Great Tips to Enjoy Your 1 Day Stay in Theme Parks


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Do you know why most people don’t enjoy their theme park visits? It’s not because the rides and sites are boring. It’s because, they lack preparation. That’s right! Without careful planning, you won’t be able to enjoy your stay in theme parks. Allow me to tell you some of the sure fire tips on how you can maximize your amusement park trips.

As I have said, preparation is the key. But what are these? Read the rest of the post and I will take you for a spin!

Choose a theme park. – In the USA, there are countless theme parks. You have to know what sets your fire. If you want to relive your childhood days, you might as well pick Disneyland. I’m sure Mickey Mouse and the Disney movie theme songs can set your mood. But if you want to go to another world, perhaps, Seaworld might just do the trick.

Choose who’s coming with you. – As much as you want to ask your whole clan to join you, it’s not advisable. The best way to enjoy your theme park visit is that if you will choose the best companions. You wouldn’t want to invite someone who’s not into rides, would you? They should be eager to try different things. Otherwise, you will be sitting in the venue’s food court. Not a good idea!

Set a date. – I don’t believe in last minute plans. And you don’t want your companions to cancel on you, right? You need to suggest an exact date. That way, they can file their vacation leaves. Or if they are unavailable at that day, you can easily move it. Note that this should be done weeks before the exact visit.

Prepare and allot budget. – When you go to theme parks, it’s important that you have extra cash. Remember, there are games that are so hard to resist. Who wouldn’t want to have that huge stuff toy as a souvenir?

Search for promos online. – Of course, you need to be practical. If you can get theme park coupons, that would be great. Do you know that you can save huge cash from getting coupons online?

Choose the best rides. – One day isn’t enough for you to experience all the rides and programs in theme parks. Hence, you have to do your research. I’m sure that you can find a lot of reviews over the internet. You should check those out and see which ones suit your taste.

Wear light clothes. – This is a must! You might want to set aside your boots for this day. Rubber shoes or sandals would be the perfect choice. Plus, this is the perfect time to flaunt your legs with those mini shorts. Just bear in mind that you have to wear something that you are most comfortable with.

Follow the above tips and I’m sure that you will have a seamless theme park trip!


Toni Okeson is a mother of two and always checks for discount Theme Park Coupons before heading out with the kids. This site offers specials for just about every theme park in the U.S., including Walt Disney Coupons for all 9 of their U.S. parks

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