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Anglo-Boer War Battlefield Tours in South Africa

The adventurer seeking unique holiday ideas should consider a trek through the Anglo-Boer Battlefields. There are organised tours available that are suitable for groups and individuals. Those willing and able to go it alone may compile their own journey. The locations are roughly a 4-hour drive from Johannesburg and could easily be done on an overnight trip.

This is not difficult to accomplish as the most infamous of the battlefields have visitor centers and museums. Maps are available in wide supply to guide tourists. Battlefields are in close proximity to accommodations as well. Visitors may rent villas or can choose from a variety of lodges.

Talana Battlefield, Dundee

The first battle of the Anglo-Boer War was fought at Dundee in October 1899. The first shots were fired at Talana Hill. Talana Battlefield offers a self-guided walking tour as well as a guided tour that is available by special request. Within the battlefield lies Talana Museum.

The museum includes relics from the Anglo-Boer War as well as numerous items from the region. The building is also home to a curio shop and a restaurant, so that tourists may purchase souvenirs or simply relax after a long walk on the battlefield and throughout the 17 buildings on this site.

Price varies from R1 (0.08£) to R100 (8,30£) per person.

Elandslaagte Battlefield, Dundee

The second Anglo-Boer War battle was held at Elandslaagte. The battlefield is small in size, but is well visited by tourists. It also boasts a monument to the many soldiers who gave their lives during the battle. There are many hiking trails at the Elandslaagte Battlefield, making for a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Elandslaagte Battlefield

The photo above shows the aftermath of the Elandslaagte Battlefield, 21st October, 1899.

Ladysmith Siege Museum, Ladysmith

One of the most infamous locations during the Anglo-Boer was Ladysmith, which played host to a 118 day siege. Today, Ladysmith Siege Museum is known as the most comprehensive Anglo-Boer War museum in South Africa.

Price: R11 (0.91£) per person.

The Ladysmith Town Hall under siege, this photo was taken in 1900.
The Ladysmith Town Hall under siege, this photo was taken in 1900.

Spioenkop Battlefield, Estcourt

The Battle of Spioenkop was fought to relieve the besieged Ladysmith. Though three other battles were waged to relieve the town, the Battle of Spioenkop was the bloodiest by far. Most figures estimate that there were approximately 1,200 British casualties during this conflict. The Spioenkop Battlefield is now open to visitors daily. Graves and monuments pepper the area. Tourists can use maps to guide themselves throughout the battlefield.

Willow Grange Battlefield, Estcourt

Willow Grange was the southerly most location of the Anglo-Boer War. A stone wall that was used by forces during the battle still stands. The wall is now considered to be a national monument.

Holiday ideas that include self-guided tours are not for everyone. Luckily, there are many Anglo-Boer War Battlefield tours that are available to tourists. Some, like Shield Tours and Parkers African Travel, are short, four and five day excursions. Others, like The War Research Society’s Specialised Battlefield Tours  can last up to 15 days and 14 nights. Expect to spend no less than R2250 (£185) for the least expensive tours. Prices can go as high as R42000 (£3470) or more. Fees generally include shared accommodation, meals, transport, and entrance fees to any sites or museums.

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