Boating – The Ultimate Weekend Adventure

Try to imagine the following: You’re laying out in the sunshine on a white deck, rocking gently in the waves. You have a drink in one hand, a fishing pole in the other, and the only thing on your mind is how good you’re going to feel after you cook up a delicious fish dinner. Maybe you have some kids running around or swimming nearby, or maybe you’re alone. Either way, you don’t have a care in the world. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Getting a Boat Can Reduce Stress

Any time you get out and do activities that you love, you reduce stress and improve your health. Boating also exposes you to many other positive life elements, such as sunshine, water, fresh air and fun with your family. Learning the art of boating can also provide a constructive way to focus your time and energy, which can be especially helpful during difficult phases of your life. A survey conducted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association found that going out on a boat was listed in the top results for stress-reducing American pastimes.

Boating Can Help You Bond with Your Kids

These days, it can be difficult to pry kids away from video games, television and the Internet. Having a boat can bring your whole family together, providing activities that will be enticing to your kids, such as swimming, water skiing and fishing. When you take part in these activities as a family, you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Family boating and fishing

Boating Will Help Keep You Healthy

Many people don’t realize that boating actually requires a good level of physical fitness. If you aren’t fit when you begin your boating adventure, you soon will be. Simply running and taking care of the boat itself requires physical exertion and all of the activities that boating can expose you to are good for the body as well. Another positive of boating is that you will receive a great deal of exposure to sunlight and fresh air, something that too many people miss out on due to always being indoors.

Boating is Something That You Can Learn

If you’re excited about getting into boating but are not sure where to begin, don’t worry. Boating is a relatively easy thing to learn about. Aside from the massive amount of tutorials available on the Internet, there are also plenty of boating classes that will teach you everything you need to know and help you meet other enthusiasts. Some states require you complete at least one boating safety course so be sure to know your state‚Äôs requirements.

Boating Safety

Even though boating is a relaxing and fun activity, it’s important to still keep your guard up. When boating in crowded areas, be sure to maintain safe speeds and keep an eye out for other boats that may be speeding or coming too close to your own.

According to statistics, alcohol is the number one contributor in fatal boating accidents, so be sure to limit your consumption and keep an eye out for other boat drivers who may be drinking as well. Also, it is vital that each passenger has a proper fitting lifejacket. Even if everyone on board is a competent swimmer, it may not be enough if someone runs into your boat. Sadly, the majority of boating accident drowning victims are found not to be wearing a lifejacket.

Not much can beat spending the weekend boating with family and friends. Just remember to check your local weather conditions before heading out and limit your alcohol consumption. Nothing will ruin a good sunny day like getting arrested, or worse, having an accident. By practicing safe boating and adhering to the rules and regulations, you will have a great weekend on the water.

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