Best Vacation Spots in Mexico: Four Places You Need to Visit

Mexico is known for its scenic views and incredible climate, a great place to travel for relaxing days spent on the water. There are several enchanting cities to explore that are most popular for its white sands and clear breathtaking views, along with their incredible cities that offer a lively and friendly culture.

Visit Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is best known for its pristine weather for plenty of sunny days year-round and a number of activities for those who enjoy a bit of adventure. The area began to increase in popularity in the ’80s, bringing in one-third of Mexico’s revenue for its incredible shopping, bustling city, and authentic eats. Cancun has plenty of resorts and activities for travelers with any budget. In addition there are fun things to do for people of all ages.

Explore Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Many exceptional hotels in Cabo San Lucas sit right on the water, spanning on more than 20 miles of incredible beaches. The city offers rich architecture in a relaxing environment, including activities that include horseback riding, snorkeling, golf, diving, and even spending time on a yacht out on the water. The location offers more than 300 days of warm and sunny weather throughout the year for perfect days spent on the sand and a lively nightlife that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Learn More About Rocky Point

Rocky Point, Mexico by neepster on Flickr

Known as Arizona’s closest beach resort, Rocky Point is located on the shore of Sea of Cortez, 60 miles south of the US Mexico border. It’s made popular for its safe environment and lively city nestled right on the water, the perfect location to grab one of the hotels for a weekend getaway or a long-term vacation.

The area continues to increase in popularity as many who are looking to learn more about Rocky Point find that there are fun activities available that include exploring oyster farms, golfing, visiting aquariums, and going snorkeling to explore the underwater life.

Enjoy Acapulco


Where cliff diving is common and cruise lines frequent the waters, Acapulco is both the largest and oldest city in Mexico, made popular in the 1950s by the rich and famous who came to enjoy the land. The nightlife is extremely popular, attracting large crowds in every season, along with festivals and events held year-round.

Several beaches are available with lagoons to explore on boat tours, along with scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin shows. For the history buff, Acapulco also has a variety of historic places that can be visited by tourists. Acapulco is also home to a variety of museums original artwork.

Whether lounging in an infinity pool in Cancun or exploring an underwater shipwreck in Cabo San Lucus, Mexico offers a number of hidden treasures that make for unforgettable getaways in a lively and beautiful culture.

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