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Tips & Tricks From a Veteran Road Warrior
Whether you are traveling for pleasure or fun often the lodging decision includes a value factor. What am I getting for my money? We expect different things for our leisure needs than we do for our grand vacation or weekend getaway. Now that you are on the road and your reservations are made do not feel like your hands are tied. You still have ways to negotiate the best possible accommodations.

These are my favorite savvy traveler strategies to get the best room for your buck once you are on the road.

Anniversary? Self Promote a Little!
If you are on vacation celebrating a special occasion don’t be shy and ask for a complimentary upgrade.

Need a Little Space?
In large hotels particularly if you arrived quite late don’t hesitate to ask for the ADA unit. In general these rooms are larger and have less wear and tear. Let me be clear. This strategy is only fair on large properties where several ADA units are available. You do not want to deprive a customer with a real need from the conveniences present in these rooms.

Weekend Getaway?
Many downtown corporate hotels want your business. The prices are quite nice and quality can be rather delightful. Keep in mind this may not be true in cities such, as NY but it is not uncommon in Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Literally Stay in the “Best Room in the House”

With some research and the willingness to be adventurous is not a shabby choice. Having stayed in thousands of hotels I can confidently assert that home lodging does have cultural and experiential advantages. With luck; you will also meet wonderful friends.  Take a look at Casa do Dean in Brazil or a Fort Worth Guest Cottage. I still correspond with prior hosts and often get a far sweeter deal for my second and third stay once we have established a relationship.

Regardless of your approach don’t forget to enjoy the adventure and maintain a heart full of flexibility. Things are not always perfect but you can always make the best of what is handed to you. If travel gives you lemons make a lemon martini and enjoy by the pool!

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