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3 Best National Parks to Visit in Summer

The summer months present the ideal time for travel, camping, and visiting national parks. Due to the natural inclination of families to spend their vacation time at the beach, national parks aren’t always as crowded. This opens the door for a better camping and exploring experience. People want to escape the crowds and chaos of daily life when visiting national parks, not deal with it there.

Here are three National Parks to visit in summer that won’t burden you with a crazy influx of visitors.

North Cascades National Park – Washington

Diablo Lake, North Cascades National Park - best national parks to visit in summer

This national park located in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. offers great activities for all explorers.

Hike and climb Trapper’s Peak. Canoe across Lake Chelan and see the historic town of Stehekin. Simply relax and take in the beautiful North Cascades Mountain range.

You could ride a horse throughout the countless trails in the park. Horseback riding presents a unique way to see the expansive wonders the North Cascades has to offer. While riding you don’t have to concern yourself with the weight of your backpack or those less enthusiastic friends who think a 10 mile trek is maddening.

But if you’re up for a little adventure then you must have a good backpack. You can’t use the high school pack for a national park trip. Instead, maybe review the countless options to find the right fit for your stature, aspiring backpacking trips, and storage that will address your specific needs.

This area is one of the most stunning sites in the United States.

Dry Tortugas National Park – Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park - best national parks to visit in summer

If you still thirst for a little fun in the sun near a beach then this spot presents the perfect match for your national park needs.

You can bird watch or catch a glimpse of the variety of sea turtles in the area. Go snorkeling and experience the marine life. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a boat wreckage. You can also tour the remains of Fort Jefferson, an unfinished coastal fort built during the 1820s. It just happens to be the third-largest fort in the country!

If you’re yearning for camping fun, then reserve a spot near the fort for your overnight stay. Bring your backpack, a two person tent, all the food you need, and a sleeping bag. You can also camp on the remote Garden Key during other parts of the year, but from February to September, Garden Key is closed due to its use as a nesting ground for several species of birds.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and  Preserve – Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park - best national parks to visit in summer

The ever changing sand dunes in Colorado will transform your perspective. This oversized beach will let you do more than simply work on a tan.

Initially, the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains downplays the magnificence of the dunes, but the dunes will soon conquer your curiosity. Due to the San Luis Valley’s wind patterns, the great sand dunes constantly change. Some dunes tower up to 750 feet high.

You’ll have the opportunity to climb up the countless dunes and sled down! Take a 4-wheel drive adventure through Medano Pass. Hike up Mount Herald, Crestone Peak, or any of the other popular peaks.

After hiking, heat, and shoes filled with sand, there’s no better way to end the day than with a little star gazing. The open skies present some of the best start gazing for aspiring astronomers or simple folk camping in the park.

Best National Parks to Visit in Summer

We hope you’ve enjoyed the “tour” of three of our favorite national parks. There are 423 national parks, so this represents a small fraction only. But these specific parks lend themselves to summer travelers.

During the summer it can get hot due to the desert like atmosphere. So prepare your backpacks with compactable tents, breathable clothing, water bottles, and sunscreen. The lighter you pack, the better.

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