Best Beach Destinations in Australia

One of the leading destinations anytime of the year is the Land Down Under. Australia is big island surrounded by the ocean, hence it is the perfect spot for a relaxing beach vacation. If you want to lay out on the sand and enjoy the hospitality that Australia is famous for, check out some of these seashore destinations.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Australia

This is a preferred hangout among locals in Sydney. Palm Beach was aptly named because of the Cabbage Tree palms that dotted the Cabbage Tree Boat Harbor.

This is a beach that is open to the public so you can visit it anytime you want. Those who find joy in water sports and hiking would do well to visit this beach for its pristine waters and scenic views.

Rock climbers will also have their adrenaline pumping once they try their luck on the sandstone boulders (there’s two of them) right at the beach. Those who prefer a more laid back vacation can go to the golf courses and enjoy the sun while playing at the sprawling greens.

Four-Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Australia

This has been declared as one of the longest beaches in Port Douglas, hence, its name. The beach front stretches for four miles where hikers and tourists have an uninterrupted view of the waters and greens. Locals and many foreign families flock to this spot especially since it is home to many kinds of animals.

Fishing and boating are just two of the most-loved activities on this beach. Most parts of the year, the Four-Mile beach is a safe place to swim in except for some weeks when the waters are infested with jellyfish. No worries, mate, the locals can give you a fair warning before you even take your plunge!

Mission Beach in Queensland

Mission Beach Australia by Kasand on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Click to view original.

Naturally blessed with azure waters, white sand and lovely islands dotting the horizon, this beach is a real standout. Add to these the vine forests on its edges and the cassowaries (big emu like avian) and you’re already in paradise!

It is best to visit this beach during the months of June through September so that you steer clear of the marine stingers.

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, Australia

Palm Beach may be considered as the most renown Sydney beach but a lot of native Aussies prefer to go to the Hyams Beach during the summer. This is just a two-hour drive from the city of Sydney; it offers a horde of natural attractions such as unique plants, kangaroos and the clearest waters.

Just recently, the Hyams Beach has been declared as a national park. This led to more and more visitors that flood in to see the performances of dolphins, the spectacular scenic views, and also to enjoy swimming, jet skiing, sailing and fishing.

A Blessed Country

Australia has many more amazing beaches to offer to those who love to snorkel, surf, scuba dive or to simply relax. The country is also known to its deadly marine and land creatures so take extra caution as you discover and enjoy this frontier!


  1. This is the type of post one van live vicariously through. I might never get to an Australian beach, but I can almost feel the sand and waves between my toes.

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