Benefits of Taking a Car Rental through Europe

If you are planning a vacation through Europe something that you should look into is a car rental! Car rentals can save you money if you are planning on taking a family vacation because it is usually cheaper to take a car rental if you are traveling in a large group. There a car rental is more affordable for your trip to Europe. Taking a rent a car in Europe is very interesting especially if you are planning on going to several different countries because every country has a different way of driving which makes confusing but fun to drive in Europe. For an Example when you drive in Germany some places on the highway there are no speed limits so drivers drive extremely fast while in the UK they are known for driving slower and on the left side of the road. So taking a rent a car you get to see the real culture of that country by the way people are driving. Driving in a country is part of the experience of traveling. While driving from country to country you will be able to see the outskirts and the small towns of Europe which are completely different from the larger cities like Paris. Without a rental car you would have not been able to see all of these fantastic things!

So not only do you get to see more of Europe and save money with a rent a car in Europe you can get to your destinations faster and be more flexible with your schedule you do not have to rush to get back to the train station to catch your train you can take your time and if you are enjoying something a lot leave later. This is not all while you are traveling with a car rental you always have a place to store all of your luggage you never have to worry about carrying your luggage through the busy streets trying to find your hotel all you have to do is plug in the address to your hotel in the GPS and you will be pretty much guided there hassle free.


There are so many benefits from driving a car rental abroad it is crazy. Beware if you are going to drive abroad it is recommended to get an international driver’s license, it is only $15 at your local triple AAA (you do not have to member it is the same price for everyone). This license translates your license your driving licenses into over 20 different languages making you prepared when you are in Europe with all of the great languages.

If you are planning on going on a European Road trip to several countries here is a list of countries that have toll road fees. Some of these countries you will need to by a toll road pass to not get a ticket these passes can be picked up at any gas station near the border of that country. There will also be signs on the highway warning you not to forget your toll pass.

The countries that you need to be careful with are Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Have a great road trip within Europe if you are looking for a car rental while abroad check out Sixt rent a car they have several rent a car locations throughout Europe.

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