Year Round Luxury: The Benefits of Hotel Memberships

There’s a wanderer in the heart of everyone who loves travel. No matter where you go or how much you love the final destination, there’s always the allure of another adventure. The cost of tickets and accommodations keep your feet on the ground. The hidden price you pay is wrapped around the restraints of traditional travel, because it’s always confined to one location. Your vacation dreams deserve better. They deserve the freedom of luxury hotel memberships.

Hotel Memberships

The Benefits of Freedom

Years ago, larger hotels and resorts noticed the success of time-share properties. These arrangements gave regular travelers a place they could call their own. Residence clubs were the next spin on vacation ownership. The two are different, but they share one thing: a single location. Smart hotels are taking advantage of their countless properties and global holdings by offering memberships in their own private vacation clubs. This clever idea is your ticket to multiple destinations. You aren’t buying a week in the same place for years to come. You’re enjoying the freedom to choose where you want to go and how long you want to stay. For those who travel extensively, the initial investment pays off quickly when compared to the traditional cost of hotel and resort stays.

The Advantages of Membership

The obvious advantages of hotel membership over time-sharing are the amenities. Your week at the resort is effortless enjoyment because you’re not making the beds and cooking breakfast. Hotel and resort settings offer multiple pools, spas and exercise facilities. With a vacation club, your finest luxury is choice. You can stay at any property that suits your mood for as long as you like. Spend a weekend enjoying the big city lights, and make your next trip an extended sabbatical to your favorite beach resort. Discounts on travel arrangements and entertainment are part of the package, and some memberships include tour opportunities, adventure excursions and exclusive shopping. With a little homework, it’s easy to find a hotel that offers exactly what you want.

The Luxury of the Best

The world’s finest hotels are yours for a price, but the value of purchasing a vacation club membership makes it a smart investment. If you love traveling with the kids, Disney opens up its gates beyond the Magic Kingdom with more than 500 properties available around the world. Hilton Grand Vacations take you to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas or the tables in Las Vegas. Four Seasons, Hyatt, Wyndham and Starwood all feature wonderful packages. For pure indulgence, the Ritz Carlton vacation clubs set the standard for premier membership with the ultimate in exclusive luxury locations and world-class amenities.

Hotel club membership is a liberating alternative to permanent vacation homes away from home. Consider the purchase of a time-share against the value of your freedom of choice. Enjoy exploring your options, and you’ll find everything from the finest resorts to private beach front properties. Throw in the luxury of setting your own schedule, and you have an investment that makes your vacation dreams come true.


Frequent traveler Nickey Williams loves everything luxurious. Many illustrious travelers need the flexibility to vacation in a variety of sophisticated destinations with family and friends. If you are counted among them, the Ritz Carlton vacation clubs are designed for you. With over 100 years of history and numerous rewards, the Ritz Carlton has been acknowledged for having the gold standard of hospitality.

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