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The Benefits of Backpack Traveling

Traveling offers you exposure to different communities and cultures around the world. Many travelers opt to maximize their travels by planning many stops throughout the country or continent they are visiting to maximize their exposure. The longer you will be traveling, the more cumbersome your luggage can become. This is why many travelers opt to backpack and carry everything they will need in one well-stocked piece of luggage. While it may initially sound impossible to achieve, there are many freedoms and advantages afforded by backpacking.

The Benefits of Backpack Traveling

Less Luggage to Manage

When you are burdened with the responsibility of wheeling around a large suitcase it will add additional time and hassle to your travels. It will take you longer to check in for your flights and you may be required to pay a checked luggage fee. Plus, waiting for a checked bag at baggage claim will cost you more time once you have arrived at your destination. However, if you travel light with a comfortable, ergonomic, and well-stocked backpack, everything you need can be with you at all times. You can even have another small bag for electronics, snacks, and items you want to access quickly.

Less to Worry About

The less you are traveling with, the less you need to worry about things getting lost, misplaced, stolen, or not arriving in your final destination. For example, if you are taking the train around Europe, your backpack can easily stay with you as you hop on and off the train. Backpacks are also easier to manage if you are staying in hostels, and they lighten your load if you need to explore on foot. You also will eliminate the worry of having your luggage lost or misrouted when traveling on airplanes. Just make sure that your backpack complies with airline size and liquid restrictions.

The Benefits of Backpack Traveling

Appreciation for the Little Things

Once you create a list of versatile clothing, accessories, and daily necessities, you will find that you appreciate the little things much more. This appreciation could go one of two ways—you may find that many of the things you use in your everyday life are not necessities. You may also find that you take some of the things that you use daily for granted, and you will appreciate them more once you return home. You may also feel a great sense of freedom by simplifying your life. Often, personal and professional commitments and obligations require an extreme amount of physical preparation. You may find while backpacking that your limited options make getting ready for the day far easier.

Even if you are traveling stateside, packing light can be ideal. If you like to purchase souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones and do not have room in your backpack or small additional bag, do your shopping all in one day and ship your items home or to relatives so that they will be at home waiting for you when you arrive. If you have never traveled light with a backpack, do your research to ensure you pick a backpack that is comfortable, spacious, and has enough compartments and features to best meet your travel needs.

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    November 1, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Great post filled with wonderful tips. I have found that traveling with a backpack is the easiest and most efficient way to go. Not to mention it forces you to keep things simple.

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