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Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

I love the natural beauty of towering granite cliffs, the cool green-blue of the crystal clear ocean and rolling green hills with pockets of tall trees standing proud. Every country has its own features of beauty, be they ever-shifting sand dune or breath-taking gorges created by ancient glaciers. But some stand out as the most beautiful countries in the entire world.

Each of us sees the beauty of the natural world in their own way. Some love the sight, sound and feel of the sea, while others are drawn to wildflower meadows or deep, tangled forests.  Although it was a hard choice, I have selected my top 5 beautiful countries, each from a different continent. Read on to see what I think are the most beautiful countries in the world…then drop a comment and let me know what you think!

New Zealand

The beautiful country of New Zealand

With so many beautiful images to pick from and such a range of landscapes, I had trouble finding one that really does New Zealand justice.  However you can almost taste the freshness of the air and smell the scent of flowers in this lush mountainous scene. It’s simply stunning.

New Zealand is made up of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island – with smaller islands scattered around. There’s a surprising amount of different scenery; these aren’t just beachy islands. New Zealand DOES have great beaches, of course, but is also has soaring mountains, rolling green hills, stunning fjords (like you think of in Norway). There are also sand dunes, waterfalls, lakes, and hidden beach caves.

Preserving the land is also important to New Zealanders. About 1/3 of the country is inside one of its 13 national parks!!

If you’ve ever wanted to hike along a volcano crater, bicycle through miles of beautiful countryside, or head from the top of a mountain to sea level with sights at every elevation, New Zealand is for you.


Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world

The Croatian coastline and national parks are what make this special country one of the most beautiful places to see in Europe. With hidden pools and bays, striking snowy mountains and perfect beaches, it is a feast for the eyes and senses.

Croatia lies on the Mediterranean and features beautiful beaches as clear, ocean water. If you know anything else about Croatia – other than Game of Thrones being filmed there – then perhaps you’ve heard of Plitvice Lakes National Park. This park has beautiful lakes and some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the world. There are historical, medieval cities with cobbled stone streets, and you’ll also find Pula Arena, one of the largest surviving amphitheaters from Roman times.

And as a bonus, if you love the film Mamma Mia (like I do!) then you can see lots of Mamma Mia filming locations while you’re in Croatia!


The beautiful country of Mozambique

Mozambique is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches and offers some of the most stunning seascapes in the world.  For those with sea running in their veins, the miles of unspoiled beach make Mozambique a dream destination. The waters off the coast feature coral reefs that are a special attraction for snorkelers and SCUBA divers. In fact, a study shows that the coral reefs off the coast of Mozambique have one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire world!

In additional to the mainland of Mozambique, it’s also worthwhile to take a trip to the Island of Mozambique off the coast in the northern part of the country. Yep, they have the same name, so distinguish them by the use of the word “island” or you’re likely to find yourself in the wrong spot! In fact, the island was named first, in honor of the first sultan of the island when the Portuguese first explored it.

The island can be reached by bridge, and there. Historically it was a Portuguese trading post on the route to India. Now it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll find unique architecture throughout the island, including a fort, an old hospital, the Palace and Chapel of São Paulo (now a museum), and several historic churches.

Make sure to take advantage of the fresh seafood dishes while you’re visiting. Or try to local peri-peri chicken, a delicious roast chicken dish with a smoky coconut cream sauce.

So no matter whether you’re into nature, history and culture, or food, you’re sure to agree that Mozambique is one of the most beautiful countries worldwide.


Chile - A Beautiful Country

The unspoiled beauty of Chile speaks for itself in this photograph, with volcanoes, desert and lake all contributing to its unique feel. This photograph shows a glacier in the Patagonian area of the country.

In the north of Chile you’ll find the Atacama desert – the driest in the world! It features red sands and rock formations backed in the distance by snow-topped mountains. Because of the lack of people and towns around the desert, you can get incredible views of the night skies that you won’t find in many locations due to light and pollution.

Along the coast you’ll see the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains on opposite sides of you. The lakes region is also quite beautiful with large freshwater lakes and dotted with farms.

So whether you’re looking for waterfalls or ice fields, Chile is the place to be. You may also want to take a side trip and visit Easter Island and see the mysterious stone heads.


Most Beautiful Countries - Canada

On the border between Canada and America is the Niagara Falls, one of the powerful waterfalls in the world.  It is simply impossible to be taken aback by its beauty and you can almost hear its roar from the photo.

But there’s definitely more to Canada than just Niagara Falls! Banff National Park in Alberta is a beautiful mountainous region with the most amazingly-colored lakes. The most famous of these is Lake Louise.

Perhaps my favorite part of Canada is the picturesque province of Prince Edward Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia on the east coast of the country. It features lost of quaint farmland as well as red sand beaches. Here is another location for amazingly fresh seafood dishes. And if you grew up reading like I did, you’ll recognize PEI as the setting for Anne of Green Gables.

So there you have it! I know this list could go on and on forever, because our planet has so much beauty to be shared. Ask me in a year what my favorite and most beautiful countries are, and there’s a good chance I’ll pick five different ones! But as of now, these are definitely my choices.

What would be your choices for the most beautiful countries in the world? Leave a comment below with your favorites and why!

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