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Beach near Bridgetown, Barbados.

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Barbados is but a tiny dot on the map of the world as the most eastern island in the Caribbean. It consists of only 430 square kilometres. This includes 97 kilometres of gorgeous coastline, which makes it a treat for those looking to relax on the beach or participate in water sports on family holidays.

Official Language of Barbados

Official language of Barbados is English. It is spoken with a unique Bajan accent which has a distinct Scottish or Irish twang although the African influences show up in the names of typical Bajan foods.

Currency of Barbados

Whether or not you choose an all inclusive holiday is up to you, but while gathering souvenirs or hitting the shops that line the tourist areas know that while the official currency of the island is the Barbados dollar, U.S. and Canadian dollars are also widely accepted.

General advice

It is not wise to travel without comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including insurance for hospital treatment and emergency repatriation to the your country. Be sure to make photocopies of your important documents; passport, tickets and driving license before heading out for you adventure. Leave these papers and a detailed itinerary and contact numbers with a close friend or relative for extra safety on your Barbados holiday, or any extended trip.


Another important tip to keep in mind when traveling to Barbados is to take a good look at the laws and customs of the country. Respecting the culture and obeying the law will prevent you from being detained for something you were unaware was unacceptable in their country. Do not invite trouble, keep your belongings hidden and safe.

Best time to visit Barbados

For people in Europe and North America, the best time to visit is when temperatures in the home country is at its worst, between December to mid-April. Although if you are expecting to take cheap holidays to Barbados this is not the best mix. Prices are at the highest during this time and many hotels are booked. Planning well in advance is one way to get around the cost, but you can also choose to go during the off-season. Barbados has many festivals, carnivals and other events scheduled during late August, September and October.


The tropical climate of this Caribbean island keeps everything bright and sunny. What is extra nice about the location though, is that the prevailing northeast tradewinds continually cool the landscape to keep Barbados from being unbearably hot. The dry season lasts from January to June and when it does rain it generally comes in quick showers.

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