Bali – An Interesting Tour Destination

Bali is known for its beautiful sight and cultures. The culture is so distinctive that it cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Bali has beautiful natural views dominated by coconut and rain forests and rice field terraces. The main occupation of Balinese is farming. They are dominated by the Hindu religion. Bali has beautiful temples all over it. The life of the people here is strongly based and influenced by their religion. Hence Bali is also known by many names such as the Island of God, the Paradise Island and the Island of Thousand temples. Read on to know more about the Balinese art and culture and the features that make it more interesting.

Mount Batur, a volcano in Bali

Bali Sightseeing

Mount Batur (Kintamani)

Mount Batur is an active volcano in Kintamani (Bali). It is such an astonishing sight that it will leave you standing with your mouth wide open. Mount Batur is thickly laden with green jungles and stained with the flow of the black lava. It stands upwards from Bali resembling some ancient navelthe entrance to the Hindu netherworld. The volcano has been admired for centuries and is still a wondrous sight. You can either trek into the jungle or relax yourself by simply dining in view its glory. There are also many beautiful restaurants in Kintamani.

Tanah Lot

You can find the best sunset of the Bali Island in Tanah Lot. It is a Hindu temple situated on a rocky tidal island. Though you can wade out to the temple, at certain times, this could be dangerous. There are many restaurants in Tanah Lot to dine and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is really a remarkable experience.

Rice Terrace in Bali

Bali Adventure Activities

Ayung River Rafting

This river is not only the longest but also the largest in Bali. White water rafting was first introduced in Bali along this river. Along with the thrill of challenging rapids, the view of this beautiful sight is credited by the appearance of some wild animals along the rafting route such as black monkeys, magpies and big bats.

Jungle Trekking

A trek into the tropical mountain forest situated near the lake village of Bedugul is an activity you shouldn’t miss. It is a wonderful experience to cross by the calm waters and see the hidden world of Bali’s native plants and wildlife. It is a three hour trek and also permits photography.

Bali Elephant Camp

This camp permits you to experience unworldly beauty with natural rice paddies, picturesque villages, local markets and temples. This camp is located in the village of Carangsari. The camp is situated between the jungle and the Ayung River and also not very far from the Sangeh monkey forest.

Monkey in Bali

Marine Sport Activities

Banana Boat Riding

This is a thrilling adventure which everyone is sure to enjoy. However, this activity is not permitted for small kids. Banana boat riding is found on many beaches in Bali and is a very wild experience.

Dolphin watching

Don’t miss this activity when you go to Bali. It is truly good especially when you go with your family. Don’t worry if you don’t find any dolphins on your trip in the boat. The ride in the boat itself is a very good experience.

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