Babies on Board: Must Have Carry-ons

Baby on Board by Cesar Rincon on FlickrFlying with a baby can be overwhelming. To avoid packing the entire nursery, you may be wondering what items are necessary to the safety, entertainment and happiness of your infant. You’ll want to have the following must-have carry-ons for the enjoyment of your trip.

Change of Clothes

In addition to a change of clothes for your infant, you may want to think about packing a few extra shirts or tops for yourself too. Babies are a bundle of joy, but they can be messy with drool and spit-up. Having an extra top to change into in case of a mishap will help prevent you from walking around the airport with stained clothing.

Nursing Pillow

Nursing on the plane will keep your baby full, content and happy. To ensure you and your infant are comfortable while breast-feeding, you’ll want to have the appropriate gear. A nursing pillow can position your baby correctly and help them latch on to the nipple. It also supports the weight of the infant and makes it a more relaxing environment for both to relax in. Nursing pillows (Mombo) can prevent sore arms and shoulders that typically accompany nursing. They are also great at protecting moms from baby’s kicks and bumps.

Extra Formula

With the possibility of delays, be sure to pack extra formula. Also, include extra bottles for the formula or juice, if the age is appropriate. It’s important to pack any jarred foods that baby may require too. Be sure to include any utensils that baby may require. A full, content baby will make for a much happier flight.

Additional Diapers

Traveling by plane is an easy way to get to your destination, but it can come with long delays and layovers. To ensure that you’re ready for an emergency, you’ll want to pack additional diapers in your carry on. Extra diapers can also benefit parents in case multiple changes are needed throughout your flight.

Foldable Stroller

Even a newborn baby can begin to feel heavy after a while. Toting them around the airport and on and off the flight can be exhausting. A stroller is portable, easy to store and a convenient accessory to take when traveling. They also make car seat and stroller combinations that help you wheel your infant around with ease.

Large Diaper Tote

A large diaper tote can fit an assortment of necessities for you infant when traveling. In addition to diapers, you may want to pack a change of clothes, prescription medicines and wipes. In case your flight is delayed or your luggage gets lost, you and your baby won’t be inconvenienced.

Toys and Books

A happy and calm baby can help parents and surrounding passengers have a stress-free trip. Pack an assortment of toys and books to keep your infant entertained. Rattles, teething rings and plush stuffed toys can keep an anxious infant quiet. Interactive books are also fun and can keep your baby occupied on a long flight. Get them involved by turning the pages, pressing buttons and pointing to the various pictures in the book. Electronic devices are also great for visual and sensory development and the sounds and lights can mesmerize them.

Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be an ordeal when you have the proper carry-ons. The above essentials can help relieve anxious parents and make baby’s flying experience smooth and peaceful. It can also make it easy on the surrounding passengers too.


As a traveling mother of 4, Lisa Coleman can assert the importance of the above items and how each one can help make for a smoother and happier flight. With the support from nursing pillows (Mombo), entertainment from toys and books, and all the extras that can all be packed in a large diaper tote, which can be transported in the stroller with baby, mom should be a lot less burdened down. This making mobility easier and faster and baby happier and content with an overall result of a better flight experience.


  1. Really helpful tips i also feel having proper carry on’s along with you is a good choice to make your trip more comfortable for you and the baby.

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