Austria’s Scenic Lake Region

Salzkammergut is the lakes and mountains region in Austria that has garnered so many praises from people all over the world. This place is located east of Salzburg and provides stunning scenery and pristine waters for hiking and water sports.

Getting to Know the Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut is one of Austria’s most popular attractions both for those who are seeking adventure as well as those that are after a place of tranquility. With its hills, lakes, and villages, this is a very good hiking spot and, at the same time, a place to relax in its beautiful sceneries.

Aside from being a home to villages and lakes, Salzkammergut is also well-known for its traditional architecture, cuisine, and customs. This makes the area a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. This part of the country thrived during the Bronze Age when salt – or “Salz” – was discovered.

Austria's Scenic Lake Region

Walking in the Salzkammergut

The northern part of the region is composed of large mountains while the south is teeming with lakes. Some of its most popular mountain peaks among scramblers and climbers include Mt. Dachstein and Hoher Dachstein.

Whether an amateur or professional, any hiker should greatly enjoy the various hiking trails in Salzkammergut. The routes vary from easy hiking routes to treacherous ones that require extensive experience. The former is composed of family-friendly trails that provide the best alpine views. The latter ones have been installed with cables and ladders to help the hikers reach great lengths of the path.

Salzkammergut Walking Areas

Salzkammergut, Austria
  • Almtal Valley. A vast hiking area that is far from the main traffic routes of the region, offering scenic lakes and is the home of the Konrad Lorenz Institute.
  • Ausseerland. The Styrian part of the lake region and has the most beautiful alpine scenery will walking trails for all abilities.
  • Bad Ischl. A stylish spa town located in the center of the Austrian Lake District and is the starting point in visiting the 5 main lakes of the region.
  • Dachstein West. The largest skiing area of Upper Austria which is home to 4 villages at an altitude of 1,400 meters.
  • Hallstatt Region. One of the most attractive villages in Austria with its backdrop of a beautiful lake and majestic mountains.
  • Lake Fuschlsee. Teeming with pines and Alpine mountains, this is a romantic village in the calm Lake Fuschl and numerous hiking and walking trails.
  • Lake Mondsee, Lake Irrsee. This town has the Lake Mondsee and Irrsee, the warmest lakes in Upper Austria, along with an extensive network of walking trails and footpaths.
  • Lake Traunsee. This is the deepest lake in the entire country at 191 meters with hiking trails that are nicknamed “hell’s mountains” and “dead mountains”.
  • Lake Wolfgangsee. Has one of the most scenic views of the Alpine landscape with a variety of hiking trails that are apt for walkers of varied abilities and fitness.
  • The Attergau and Lake Attersee. The largest of the Alpine lakes in Salzkammergut, it has an enjoyable walking trail as well as a popular market town.

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