The Top 3 Animal Lovers’ Destinations in London

For animal lovers the world is full of breath taking destinations. Whether you want to spend your time admiring the neck of a giraffe, or running around frantically shouting “mush, mush!” there will be the perfect place for you somewhere. To help you choose, take a look at the top 3 destinations for animal lovers.

If you’re thinking of visiting the beautiful and historic capital of England, then you may wonder what the best places to take children are. Thankfully, there are some fantastic animal-based days out ideas which you can incorporate into your cultured break. Here are some of the best animal lover’s destinations in or near London to keep the whole family happy.

London Zoo

For a wild twist on your London family trip, why not consider visiting London Zoo for a few hours on a sunny afternoon? It’s located just near Baker Street, so after looking at one of the most iconic London streets (thanks to the Sherlock Holmes novels) you can keep the children entertained at the zoo. For an extra-special experience you could even consider the VIP experience which offers you the chance to get even closer to the animals. At the moment, there are both giraffe and penguin VIP encounters available every day of the week.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

This small family-run zoo is the perfect place to take younger children. It offers the opportunity for children to see a variety of different animals as well a play area and café where you can kick back and relax whilst the little ones let off a little steam. Battersea is short Tube or train-ride from Central London so is easily accessible and considerably cheaper than London Zoo.

Some exotic species can be found here including the much-loved Meerkats, which children can walk down a tunnel to appear on the same level as the cheeky, furry and irresistible creatures! You can also combine the exotic creatures with a visit to more common farm animals such as rabbits, sheep and even chickens.

Sealife Centre

If you’re more of a water wildlife lover then the Sealife Centre is the place to be. The huge indoor aquarium is home to some of the most beautiful underwater beasts. With scheduled feeding times, children can watch some of the sea’s most fascinating creatures eating their daily meals. Conveniently located on the Thames right near Westminster, just over the water from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Sealife Centre is a great place to break up the afternoon of British drizzle or keep restless children occupied. It’s located right near Waterloo Station and the London Eye and is a huge British attraction. Sealife Centres are located across Britain and are one of the most popular and truly British animal centers which offer a glimpse into what life is like underwater.

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