Alternative Summer Holiday Ideas

Deciding on the location, style or theme of your summer holiday can be one of the most difficult decisions to make in regards to going away. Once you’ve decided that you want it hot, cold, sporty, relaxing, safe, cultured or pure holiday culture, then your choices get narrowed down a little and making an informed decision becomes a lot easier. But actually deciding on the overall feel of the kind of holiday you want can be incredibly difficult.

A lot of people who book their summer holidays seem to think that going to a sunny tourist designed island is the only logical choice. But there are some lesser used ideas in less often visited locations which can make for a wonderfully interesting and unique “summer holiday”.

Summer Holiday – Hit the Slopes or the City

Kaprun, Austria for a Summer Holiday

Summer Skiing?

One of the least exploited but truly brilliant ideas for a unique summer holiday is to head to the Austrian resorts of Zell Am See or Kaprun, which not only have a wonderful host of accommodation at a range of prices to suit all different budgets but also has a huge number of activities to entertain and amaze people of all ages.

The accommodation primarily consists of traditional Austrian-style Bed and Breakfast hotels and Chalets and Villas, and as for activities there are too many to mention in a single blog post. However, it’s certainly worth mentioning one of its main attractions, which is skiing, for almost the entire year round. For ten months of each year the Kitzsteinhorn glacier brings skiing fanatics and thrill seekers alike who have researched enough to find it.

Because of the glacier’s altitude parts of it are covered in ice and snow all year round, despite the summer heat in the valleys below. Even in summer the glacier is an idyllic spot for tourists, who are interested in hiking and skiing. Not only is it an ideal place to experience the best of summer skiing but it’s also a great refreshing break from the heat of Austria’s summer sun. The beauty of summer skiing is that you have a great activity to indulge in before heading back to the quaint mountain town for a refreshing Austrian beer in the sunshine.

Remember that if you’re taking your own skiing equipment on holiday that it can cause extra expenses. Taxis more often than not charge a fair bit extra for transporting your equipment and you’ll most likely save money on transport by driving to the airport yourself. Especially if you’re living in London you can save yourself a bundle if you manage to get a place for your vehicle with an advanced booking Heathrow airport parking company.

Summer Holiday in Barcelona, Spain

City Based Summer Breaks

For those tourists, travellers and holiday makers who are looking for people and vibrancy then one of the best options is to head to a culturally rich and bustling metropolis.

One of the best city based locations to spend an amazing summer away is the incredible city of Barcelona.  Although this fantastic Spanish city rarely slows down, it really goes into overdrive during the summer months and it has a lot to offer across a broad range of interests.

From its fine art galleries, museums and Gaudi’s iconic architecture to the bustling nightlife of its clubs music venues and dancehalls there is something for everyone, at every time of day or night. On top of all of this the food exceptional and varied with great restaurants for veggies, sea food fans and meat eaters all within shouting distance.

Best not to forget the weather either, Barcelona’s temperature reaches up twenty eight degrees Celsius in July and doesn’t fall lower than nineteen degrees. It gets a massive thirteen hours sunlight a day and the sea’s temperature can get up to twenty four degrees Celsius, which is ideal for beach fans who like to dip more than their big toe into the sea!

Barcelona is ideal for groups of friends and families travelling together and can be great place to expand cultural taste and knowledge as well as having a great, fun packed summer holiday.

Whether it’s the sunny streets of a bustling mega city or the tranquil slopes of a summer skiing destination, making less obvious choices for your summer holidays can allow for some truly memorable experiences.


  1. These are really cool destination i am really impressed with the sceneries I definitely suggest one to go and have a visit.

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