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Africa is a popular travel destination for adventures and connoisseurs alike. Adventure travel in Africa includes safaris, with ample chances for superb photography and animal encounters. Tropical getaways such as Mauritius offer beautiful beaches and accommodations. And for those interested in combining travel with charity work, there are lots of opportunities in Africa for medical and mission work.

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Africa is a huge continent, and the destinations seem endless. If you participate in a planned tour, you can see different areas according to popular iteneraries. However, many people choose to explore Africa independently, and for that reason we've provided links to useful African travel guides below.

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View a Giraffe on Safari in South Africa

African Safaris: What You Should Know

South Africa has been a traveler’s destination for some years due to its abundance of wildlife. Indeed, this country is known for its many national parks and wildlife preserves (over 600 of them) that are home to hundreds of species of animals, which makes for some great sightseeing. And the best way to take in […]

New Corniche near Luxor Musuem

Unforgettable Luxor Family Holidays

Home to some of the world’s best archaeological sites, Luxor is a must-see destination for families craving culture and history. This lively Egyptian city mixes sacred tombs with modern markets and tempting local food, creating a truly unforgettable holiday for you and the kids. You can’t visit this city without making a pilgrimage to the […]

Hector Pieterson Memorial

10 Places You Must Visit In Johannesburg

Johannesburg first lured people to its tree lined hills with the promise of gold in the 1880’s and has since become a bustling metropolitan, filled with diverse range of cultures and activities. With so many things to do in Johannesburg it can be difficult to decide where to go on your trip. This is a list […]

Spa by Dennis Wong on Flickr

How to Find the Perfect Spa in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg (or Jo’burg as it is popularly known) is one of Africa’s most elitist and affluent cities. It is South Africa’s largest city and is home to Africa’s biggest stock exchange as well as the busiest airport. Flights jet in to Johannesburg from all over the globe whether it is night or daytime. Moreover, Johannesburg […]

Three Sisters, South Africa

Off the Beaten Track in South Africa

South Africa is blessed with over 2,500km of coastline with seemingly endless sandy beaches. Discovering hidden little gems like the beach at Three Sisters in the Eastern Cape is what holidays are all about. Located approximately 12km outside of the seaside holiday resort of Port Alfred heading toward East London there is a small turnoff […]

Lions on African Safari

What to Consider When Planning Your First African Safari

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young jet-setter or a retired senior looking to see more of the world. Your first African safari experience promises to be one you’ll always remember. An African safari promises you the opportunity to see some of the greatest wildlife and country in the world. All you have to do […]

Elephants on the Luangwa River

Sarah’s Walking Safari in Zambia

South Luangwa National Park is known in safari circles for being the home of the walking safari in Zambia. Back in the 1960’s conversationalist Norman Carr pioneered these safaris and despite his death, his family and other operators continue his legacy from camps around the park.  Guests have the option of either partaking in game […]

Apartheid Museum

Johannesburg – A Ravishing Tourist Destination

There are several tourist destinations in Johannesburg which can be of real interest to tourists. Not many African tourist destinations offer the variety of places like Johannesburg. The city is full of contemporary fun places to visit along with a lot of history to look at. A key characteristic of the city is that you […]


5 Incredible (But Crazy) Things to Do In Africa

A safari is not complete without an activity that gives the ultimate experience. This can be a once in a life time attempt that gives you goose bumps every time you remember it. There are many activities of that nature given the fact that Africa has a lot to offer because of its vastness and […]

Ibn Tulun Mosque, Egypt

Travelling Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs

Egypt is a country that is well-known for its ancient history and civilization. However, this country is more than just its monuments and pyramids. There are so many other things that tourists can see and do in this wonderful country. Below are some of them. Mosque of Ibn Tulun The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is […]

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