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Egyptian Museum Cairo by V Manninen on Flickr

Places to Visit in Egypt on a Budget

With the winter months quickly engulfing the warmer temperatures folks want to find an exotic escape from their everyday chill. Many fly to the islands, road trip to a more southern state, or simply tough it out in the extremes of the tundra. However, few actually find their way to the history rich lands buried […]

New Corniche near Luxor Musuem

Unforgettable Luxor Family Holidays

Home to some of the world’s best archaeological sites, Luxor is a must-see destination for families craving culture and history. This lively Egyptian city mixes sacred tombs with modern markets and tempting local food, creating a truly unforgettable holiday for you and the kids. You can’t visit this city without making a pilgrimage to the […]

Ibn Tulun Mosque, Egypt

Travelling Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs

Egypt is a country that is well-known for its ancient history and civilization. However, this country is more than just its monuments and pyramids. There are so many other things that tourists can see and do in this wonderful country. Below are some of them. Mosque of Ibn Tulun The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is […]

Al-Mahmeya Park

Enjoy a Beach Holiday in Hurghada, Egypt

When thinking about an Egyptian holiday, the first two things that come to mind are pyramids and sphinx, however, there is a lot more to Egypt than just that. Hurghada’s twenty miles of beachfront, located alongside the Red Sea, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are very few beaches in […]

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