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Africa is a popular travel destination for adventures and connoisseurs alike. Adventure travel in Africa includes safaris, with ample chances for superb photography and animal encounters. Tropical getaways such as Mauritius offer beautiful beaches and accommodations. And for those interested in combining travel with charity work, there are lots of opportunities in Africa for medical and mission work.

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Africa is a huge continent, and the destinations seem endless. If you participate in a planned tour, you can see different areas according to popular iteneraries. However, many people choose to explore Africa independently, and for that reason we've provided links to useful African travel guides below.

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Eight Reasons to Add Johannesburg to Your Round the World Trip

photo: south-african-hotels Johannesberg, with an advantageous geographic position has recently become a sought-after tourist destination. Owing to its location, it serves as a transit point and connects Cape Town, Mozambique, Durban, Namibia, Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta; it is thus, the city that one has to pass through.  There was a point in time, […]

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia by eGuide Travel on Flickr

Six Intriguing Places You Should Put On Your Bucket List

With so many interesting places in the world, it’s important to prioritize what you want to see before you expire from the planet. Here are six spots that should definitely be on your bucket list. Cappadoccia, Turkey Cappadoccia’s landscape is a unique treasure. Jagged, red desert rocks make up this dramatic landscape, which was the […]

Egyptian Museum Cairo by V Manninen on Flickr

Places to Visit in Egypt on a Budget

With the winter months quickly engulfing the warmer temperatures folks want to find an exotic escape from their everyday chill. Many fly to the islands, road trip to a more southern state, or simply tough it out in the extremes of the tundra. However, few actually find their way to the history rich lands buried […]

The World’s Most Romantic Stargazing Spots

There are probably more than a thousand ways and things to do to show or express romanticism. But there are few wonderful things that most people really enjoy and look forward to. Some of them people even wish to do before they die. A glimpse of sunset by the bay is adorably idyllic. The sea […]

Africa by kincuri on Flickr

A Honeymoon to Remember in Africa

It feels as though I’m going through one of those phases where so many people I know are getting married. It also seems that more and more couples are looking for different destinations to visit for their honeymoon. These days, people tend to want the best accommodations along with good restaurants, great shopping, relaxing spas […]

Nairobi, Kenya

Top 5 Family-Friendly Culture Events in Kenya This Summer

Kenya’s cultural calendar is packed full of enthralling cultural events throughout the year. If you’re planning a trip, why not tie in a few days in Nairobi at the start or end of your holiday to include some of the following? Or if you’ve got a craving for adventure and a bit more time, head […]

Etosha National Park

7 Tips for Visiting Etosha Safari Park in Africa

Not every safari adventure involves staying with the tour pack. At Etosha, you can hire your own car, as the park is lined with hard-packed dirt roads, which makes going it alone easy. Unlike many safari parks, Etosha is uncrowded and far off the beaten track (even though it has excellent trails). You will have […]

Kenyan Children by Frontierofficial on Flickr

Volunteering on a Safari Holiday in Kenya

Kenya, in Africa, is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. One of the biggest attractions (and most well known) are the safari trails, full of beautiful wild animals. Those who love to see wildlife in their natural habitat find that Kenya gives them everything they’d dreamed of and more. If […]

Victoria Falls from Zambia

A Trip Victoria Falls – Africa’s Mightiest Waterfall

One of the greatest wonders of the whole world found in south Africa are the Victoria Falls which presents a miles long curtain of water fall which can be witnessed and enjoyed if you plan a trip there this vacation. This lovely and amazing sight was explored by David Livingstone for the first time who […]

Horseback Safari in Kenya

Africa on Horseback – An Alternative Safari

Think you’ve got to save up a few weeks’ holiday to make the most of an luxury African safari? Not the case! There are organized tours out there that will whisk you out for a long weekend and ensure you get to enjoy the best of what this kind of holiday has to offer in just three […]

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