Affordable Medical Treatments in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is a resort city located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, close to the Bay of Banderas. It has been a popular tourist haunt for many years, and of late it has also become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in North America. The cost of healthcare in Mexico is significantly lower than it is in the US and Canada. People in the industrialized nations of the world have to pay high out-of-pocket amounts for even minor surgical procedures.

Those who can’t afford to pay such hefty bills have to either live with their medical ailments or travel overseas in search of cheaper healthcare. Mexico is one of the few countries that have established themselves as prime medical tourism destinations of the world.

Puerto Vallarta in particular is thronged by offshore medical tourists because of the presence of innumerable state-of-the-art hospitals providing quality care at a fraction of what medical treatments cost in the first world countries. Don’t be surprised if you come across someone from your neighborhood who underwent a facelift surgery or gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta.

Medical treatments in many first world countries are beyond the reach of commoners, and traveling across borders is a popular trend.

Puerto Vallarta is the preferred healthcare destination of Americans and Canadians because of the ease of traveling to this Mexican beach resort city. There are several short flights, and one may also choose to drive down to the city.

Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Dental work, cosmetic procedures, and bariatric surgery in Mexico are highly popular with medical tourists. The low cost of quality medical treatments along with the chance to convalesce in this stunning tropical paradise lures thousands of offshore patients every year. Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta offer discounted prices because of high competition between them and overall low cost of living in the country.

The reputable hospitals in Puerto Vallarta are equipped with the latest medical instrumentation. The doctors practicing at these hospitals abide by strict infection control norms and most of them can speak in English, as they frequently deal with foreign pateints. There are several cosmetic surgery and bariatric sleeve success stories from Mexico that throw light on the high quality of medical services provided to the patients.

Travel Information on Puerto Vallarta

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A sojourn in Puerto Vallarta for undergoing heath treatments can be doubled up as a relaxing holiday. Vallarta or PV, as Puerto Vallarta is normally called, is the perfect destination for those who intend to laze around on the seashore in a cosmopolitan setting. The serene blues of the sea and the verdant hills replete with palm trees in the backdrop offer a mesmerizing sight.

Walking aficionados can take a tour of the old part of the city from the charming cobbled streets to the awe inspiring Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe right next to Independencia in El Centro. Shopping enthusiasts can further head to the municipal market just adjacent to the Rio Caule and get good bargains on almost everything – right from apparels to jewelry and leather accessories.

Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer to nature lovers too. The period from December to March is apt for sighting whales. A number of travel companies also organize turtle watching tours. Venturous tourists can choose from a host of adventure activities such as surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Art connoisseurs can consider visiting the Galería Arte Latinoamericano, Gallería Pacificio, and Gallería Dante. Nocturnals can look forward to the various nightclubs that dot the resort city. From acid rock to soulful jazz, from sultry salsa to groovy hip hop, Puerto Vallarta’s numerous nightclubs offer a heady mix of good music which is insurmountable. A shot of tequila, a sip of margarita, good music, delectable Mexican food, and boisterous revelers for company will acquaint you well with the Mexican definition of fiesta.

The availability of affordable medical treatments in Puerto Vallarta is a blessing for those whose diminutive paychecks make it difficult for them to pay for the exorbitant cost of treatments in their home countries. And since the medical tourists can drastically cut down on their treatment costs in Puerto Vallarta, they can easily afford to squeeze in a much needed vacation into their itinerary. Puerto Vallarta with its world-class hospitals galore and its salubrious climate beckons patients from all corners of the globe!

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