Adventure Sports in Ladakh, India

Rugged terrain, ethereal landscape and serene peace are the highlights of Ladakh. This place, considered a pivotal seat of Buddhism is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and adventure seekers. What makes Ladakh even more appealing is its remoteness and untouched flora and fauna that helps this place retain its virgin charm even in this over exposed and over globalized era. Not surprising then that Ladakh remains one of the most popular destinations in India. One of the other reasons for popularity of adventure tours in Ladakh are the types of sporting facilities available, no wonders then that Ladakh is also dubbed as the crown of India when it comes to adventure sports. Situated in the eastern part of scenic Jammu and Kashmir, this place is easily one of the cleanest and most peaceful in the world. Ladakh is a place that has something to offer for every variety of adventure possible in the world. It has beautiful hills and mountains, flat lands, vast green areas and also frolicking river streams that have the capacity to bring out the child in you with élan. This place, thus, continues to hold a seductive charm to tourists that come here to get a taste of adventure tours in Ladakh.

River Rafting in Ladakh

river rafting in Ladakh by Mahatma4711 on Flickr

River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports that people indulge in when they descend on this place. Ladakh river rafting tours take you to a Himalayan tributary of the Indus harbor named Zanskar. Zanskar offers enough bends and curves to challenge the rafter in you while you tackle its cool water stream. This crystal clear water stream is easily one of the most beautiful navigable gorges in the world. No wonders then that the thrilling white water adventure that this trip has on platter makes for once in a life time ride. If you have it in you a true brave heart then this may well be what you should be looking for.

Trekking in Ladakh

trekking in Ladakh by mckaysavage on Flickr

Trekking in Ladakh is an ethereal experience. But this is not just an inspiration for trekkers. This place has much to delight even a painter! Such is its captivating scenery that it can act like an inspiration to take a bow and plunge into its terrain. Ladakh trekking tours can inspire anyone to put on his trekking bags once they set their eyes here on this marvelous land of endless possibilities. Beautiful valleys, mountain and several hills with treacherous bends and unbound natural beauty are sure to make this one memorable experience. Truly a trekkers dream come true, Ladakh offers several routes that one can explore. The most interesting trekking routes one must taste while on adventure tour to Ladakh include: trekking route of Zanskar Valley, Nubra Valley and Rupshu.

Ladakh Monastery Tours

Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh by shahbasharat on Flickr

Ladakh Monastery tours too remain extremely popular with the visitors. Being the place of Buddhism, the oldest monasteries can be found in Leh-Ladakh region hence, the Ladakh Monastery tour has a lot to offer in terms of view and history. Ancient thanks (painting done on clothes), rare Buddhist status and artifacts are in abundance in these monasteries but the sweepstakes don’t dry up just here; the breathtaking view, seeing yaks at close distance and tasting thupkas are other advantages to consider when travelling to these monasteries.

So, next time when you come on an adventure tour in Ladakh make sure to try the Ladakh trekking tours, rafting tours or monastery tours. They certainly have much to offer.


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