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Sri Lanka is an excellent place for those who are looking for a different holiday rather than the usual cheap break in Europe. There are 2 totally different sides to Sri Lanka. The one most shown on postcards and TV are people lying on the beach with white sand, blue sea and hot weather.

However, there is another side to Sri Lanka which involves thrill seeking activities. We have compiled a list of some of the more exciting things that you can get up to while on your holiday in Sri Lanka.


If you are after somewhere to surf that is away from the usual crowded beaches then this could be the perfect place for you. It is a perfect place to learn to surf as well and you can have surfing lessons in Arguam Bay or ask your travel agent for more information.


Sri Lanka is becoming known as a diving hotspot. There are some excellent old ship wrecks to investigate which date back to the 18th century as well as more modern boats that have sank off the coast.

Although not quite as fabulous as the Great Barrier Reef, the Reefs around Sri Lanka as said to have more species of fish. There are many diving tours available to you but you must be PADI qualified to take part on these. It is worth looking into becoming PADI qualified in your own country before you head off to Sri Lanka. For those who are not quite as brave you could try snorkelling which you don’t need a qualification for.

Dolphin and Whale spotting

Everyone loves Dolphins and Sri Lanka has plenty. The best time to go Whale and Dolphin spotting is between December and April as this is when they pass the coast of Sri Lanka during their migration. The best spots are Dondra Point, Mirissa and Kalipiliya. We recommend taking plenty of memory cards and batteries for your camera as you are sure to capture some magical photographs.


Fishing may not be for everyone and people may look at it as being boring. However we would recommend that if you have ever wanted to try fishing, then try it in Sri Lanka. There are fishing tours from most towns along the coast. If you are lucky enough you might catch Shark, Tuna and Sailfish.

Trekking and walking

For the walkers amongst you there is the Knuckle mountain range. It has different routes which will suit all abilities. You can get guided tours of this area and we recommend that you do as you don’t want to end up lost in a foreign country. Your trek will take you over rivers, through the jungle and past picturesque waterfalls. This is a place not seen by many tourists who stick to the beach.

Rock Climbing

We recommend that you have done some rock climbing before heading out and trying it in Sri Lanka. Rock climbing in Bambarakanda is a popular destination as it features the highest waterfall on the island. There are 2 routes to chose from when climbing this, one for the more experienced and one for beginners. Once you reach the top you can look back down and take some excellent photographs and see how far you have just climbed.

White water rafting

For the fearless amongst you there is white water rafting. This is one of the cheaper things to do on the island and for a whole day rafting it can cost as little as £10. Some of the rapids can reach a grade 4 so make sure you hold on and that you are a strong swimmer. The most famous white water rafting spot is the area used in the film “Bridge on the River Kwai”. Most rafting tours stop at this point and will allow you to dive in. You can see the remains of parts of the bridge that were used in this film.

Hot Air Balloon rides

Sri Lanka has amazing scenery so why not experience it from thousands of feet in the air. This will allow you to see Sri Lanka from a place that not many get to see it from. The balloon rides will take you over amazing rivers, lakes and wildlife. This is definitely not for those that are afraid of heights.

Written by Mike at worldwide travel guide.

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