About Me

Hi! I’m Susan. My husband Pete and I began working for ourselves in 1999, doing website development. It was a side business for several years. Then for awhile, one of us would work on the business full-time, while the other held a traditional job with a steady paycheck and benefits.

Pete and me at No Name Pub in the FL Keys

And so on it went, until 2003, when we bit the bullet and both quit our 9-5 jobs. The side hustle had grown to the point it could fully support us and our growing family! We had the entrepreneur bug. We could work wherever we wanted.

But before you knew it, we’d bought an online toy store. So now we were working two “jobs”!

We finally realized it wasn’t working for us. Our actions weren’t aligned with our goals. So we sold the toy store and started an online software company, which is doing well and is now well established. Without the need to pack and ship orders all day, we enjoy a lot more freedom. Freedom that lets us work from anywhere.

While we had wanted the perfect digital nomad lifestyle, the retail business tied us down. We traded our work-from-wherever arrangement for an office, a warehouse, and employees. And since we were still doing e-commerce consulting, there just wasn’t much time for travel.

I’ve always had a travel bug since I was young. My first trip to New York City blew my mind. Traveling to Niagara Falls was amazing. Cruising the Caribbean was…interesting. (Let’s just say, cruising is not for me!) I spent solo travel time in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Texas. And I left my heart in the Florida Keys. Don’t worry, it’s fine, we go back to visit quite often!

Me at the Tower of London
Me at the Tower of London

But these days, my dreams are all about seeing the world. I made my first trip to England in 2019 and it was amazing! My #1 bucket list item is to go on safari in Africa. I love wildlife photography, and while Florida presents amazing opportunities to photograph animals, nothing can compare to the animals in Africa.

And there are so many places that Pete and I want to see, both in the US and overseas. From the Grand Canyon to just about everything in Italy, from Paris to Iceland…we have quite a list of places to go and experiences we want to enjoy. And one day I want to retire in Costa Rica!

My goals every day are to share with you some of the amazing places around the world, and to help you travel affordably so you can do it more!

Thanks for reading.