A Wonderful Weekend Getaway in Belfast

Belfast, IrelandArguably among the best places to spend your weekend getaway is the capital city of Northern Ireland – Belfast. This lively city portrays sophisticated life with a lot of great attractions to discover and wonderful hotels and inns to stay at. There are several attractions within the city for tourists of varying age groups. For the young traveler who is in search for some bustling nightlife, Belfast is certainly the place to be with its wide array of great clubs and pubs.

Several hotels are situated within the center of Belfast city. You can easily find cheap hotels along hot locations so you would be able to get to the most famous attractions easily and without needing to spend much of your cash on accommodation. From the center of the city, a couple minutes of walk will get you towards the Odyssey Arena, Grand Opera House, Belfast City Hall as well as other prominent tourist sights and destinations in which one should never miss when visiting Belfast.

Aside from affordable hotels as well as 5 star hotels, there are of course midrange hotels in the city as well. Such hotels are typically rated 4 or 3 stars contingent upon the facilities and amenities available. By staying in any of these hotels, you get to experience luxury, but without paying a lofty price. Such hotels are in close proximity to many of the famous attractions as well like the Botanic Gardens, for instance. These 3 or 4 star hotels offer a mixture of relaxation, tranquility and luxury, guaranteeing a wonderful short break.

Group of travelers and families can find great hotels in Belfast if they book well in advance. The best time to visit the city is between April to September since these are the times when festivals are a many in Belfast. Hundreds, if not, thousands of vacationers visit the city each year in order to join in on the many festivals as well as witness great live music. You must absolutely book your stay beforehand to get a nice room in any of the hotels in Belfast. Otherwise, all great spots that are near the festivities and attractions will be occupied and hence you will be left with no choice but to stay at hotels or inns which are several miles away the city.

In the city, you will find yourself spending much of your time outside; rather than in your hotel since there are just so many things to do and to see in Belfast!


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