A Vacation with a Twist – Great Family Activity Holidays

Family Vacation by Aurimas on FlickrFinding a holiday that keeps the whole family happy can be a real challenge and the traditional options don’t always satisfy. As a great alternative to lounging on the beach or strolling around a city, activity holidays are a fun way to get everyone involved and engaged, regardless of generation.

The family holiday can be the highlight for parents, children and extended family alike. It is a great opportunity to get everyone together, spend some quality time and do something a bit different from the daily run of school and work. However, organizing a holiday isn’t always easy, as everyone has a different idea of where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do. For some, lying on the beach is paradise, for others it’s boring; the great thing about activity holidays is that they have a huge variety of things to get involved in, so everyone is bound to find something that they enjoy. Below are a few tips to make sure you have an unforgettable family adventure holiday.

Type of Adventure

One of the greatest things about adventure holidays is the sheer range of choice on offer. This means that your first decision when booking such a holiday is the kind of adventure you want. Some holidays are located on the coast, opening up the possibility of all manner of marine activities, such as sailing, scuba diving and kayaking. Further inland, there are holidays encompassing pursuits including quad-biking, orienteering and cycling. If a snowy environment is what really takes your fancy, mountain resorts offer skiing and snowboarding, as well as many other winter sports and cold weather adventures.


Once you have made the tricky decision of choosing the kind of holiday you want, you then need to decide where in the world you want to travel to enjoy it. The UK and Europe are blessed with sites for all three types of activity holiday, with great coastal regions, large forests and interesting terrain and of course the dominant skiing range on the planet¬†¬† the Alps. Obviously, personal preference cannot be the only factor in making your choice; you will also need to consider cost and the availability of suitable amenities and accommodation for your party, especially if you have young children, older relatives or anyone with a disability. Many of the best adventure holiday sites offer provisions for all family members, so you shouldn’t struggle to make sure everyone is looked after.


Once you have made the two critical choices mentioned above, the final thing to do is prepare. Make sure you pack the right clothing and equipment, book any specific courses or instruction that you need and check if there is any specialist kit that you need to buy in advance.

Overall, activity holidays are a sure-fire way to guarantee a great family vacation experience and with the right amount of planning and preparation in advance, they are almost certain to be memorable for all the right reasons.

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