A Trip Victoria Falls – Africa’s Mightiest Waterfall

One of the greatest wonders of the whole world found in south Africa are the Victoria Falls which presents a miles long curtain of water fall which can be witnessed and enjoyed if you plan a trip there this vacation. This lovely and amazing sight was explored by David Livingstone for the first time who commented on it as a lovely sight gazed by angels on their flight. Information provided in this article helps you in enjoying the scenic beauty and activities to be done at Victoria Falls from Zambia as well as Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls from Zambia

Facts about Vitoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are parts of two big national parks belonging to two South African countries Zambia and Zimbabwe named as Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and the Victoria Falls National Park respectively. This 1 mile wide and 355 feet high fall drops over 500 million liter water into the Zambia River in wet season. It was also given the name of Mosi-oa-Tunya due to the huge amount of 1000 feet high showers into the sky which can be seen up to 30 miles away generated by this enormous amount of water. You can feel and enjoy the spray of water on your face, its roaring noise and great rainbows every time due to its unique geographic situation. The rainy season during March to May is the perfect time to visit these Falls as it looks most impressive at that time.

Choosing between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Best part of enjoying the visit to Victoria Falls is that you can enjoy the views and activities from both the adjoining countries as both of them are open for international tourists and has ample accommodations of all kinds for the tourists coming from all over the world since long. But the recent political development had increased the tourism prospects of Zambia than Zimbabwe so people normally like to visit these Falls from Zambian side.

Victoria Falls from Zambia

Activities to be enjoyed at Victoria Falls

Enjoying the falls

The waterfalls and its sprays are the main attraction for the visitors to the fall. You should also bring a raincoat here to secure yourself from the sprays whether you view it from Zimbabwe side or Zambia side. You can also enjoy the real thrill of swimming in the natural rock pool known as Devil’s Pool on the very edge of the fall.

Jet Boating

You can get the experience of viewing the great fall from below through jet boating. You are taken to the feet of the falls known as ‘boiling pot’ through this fast ride to get a hair rising experience. No matter from which side, you are going to visit the falls, you should go to the bottom of the falls at least once to witness the rare beauty.

Bungee jumping

Many people visit to Falls only for the attraction of dare sport Bungee Jumping. Most of the hotels and travel agencies in Zambia and Zimbabwe arrange these jumps for just $100. If you compare the thrill of the jumo to its price, then you would never bother about the price at all.

Sundowner cruise

This cruise ride provides a unique experience of life as you can enjoy watching hippos roaming around in Zambezi at sunset time along with enjoying beverages. These cruise rides can be arranged through travel agencies of both the countries. Even you could check with your hotels for the cruise ride. Most of the hotels arrange these rides as well.

Wildlife viewing

You can enjoy a great amount of wildlife in the locality of the great Victoria including warthogs, baboons, white rhinos, elephants, giraffes and buffaloes. A “walk with lions” and Elephant safaris are among the popular activities in this region.

White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River, Africa

White-water rafting

Rafting on the rapid waves of Zambezi river is another adventurous activity which usually daring people enjoy at these falls. The grade 5 rapids of the river make it hard to stay upright for the rafters, so be prepared for that. By the way, be sure that it would be like a once in a life time experience.

More extreme adventures

A number of adventurous activities are available near The Falls which can to be even dreamed of by an adventurer. Kayaking, abseiling, canoeing, swinging through the gorge, river boarding and horseback riding are some of the adventurous activities that come under the list of extreme adventures of this region. You can book for any of these activities through the travel agents of either of the countries, Zimbabwe or Zambia.

This post has been written by Kelly Smith, who loves to write about traveling. He guides people on adventurous activities near The Victoria Falls in South Africa and also you can get other low cost treatment like spas.


  1. This is really impressive i am looking forward to go there and see this massive waterfall with my own eyes.

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