A Travel Guide: On the Hunt for Gold

It’s not often you find yourself actually making money whilst on holiday – so the sheer prospect of heading off for a relaxing break, all the while knowing you have the chance to stumble across a gold mine (quite literally!) seems like one not to be missed out on. As a hobby, Gold Prospecting is fantastic, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of knowing your next big find is just around the river bend.

Panning for Gold
Gold hunting or Gold Panning, has become a popular alternative to the traditional beach holiday in the recent years. However it’s not exactly a new activity – participating in a holiday like this will no doubt brush you up on your history of Gold mining as many of the resorts that offer it also provide a rustic inspired accommodation to compliment the experience and great guides that can inform you on all parts of process.

The great thing about Gold hunting is the variety of places you can do it. In this article we’ll refer you to some of the best in the business at providing the whole package. At these resorts you’ll be kitted out with all the right tools, equipment and information – as well as being in a prime location for finding some nuggets (Gold nuggets of course, not chicken!)

Alabama Gold Camp USA

This gorgeous rustic camp site is located in the very heart of Alabama’s gold belt, giving you miles upon miles of streams to pan and hopefully lots of gold to find! The camp is simple but it has everything you need for your adventure, including WiFi – so you can keep friends updated when you stumble upon your riches in the riverbed. Rates are from $65 a night, so absolutely perfect for those on a budget.

Faith Creek, Alaska USA

For somewhere a little more remote and little further afield, Faith Creek in Alaska is the best option. The camp is situated in the White mountains, so prepare for beautiful views and breath taking scenery as you look for your share of the gold. Faith Creek is privately owned, so expect a good find and a great experience. The resort offer cabins that sleep up to 4 people and have all the amenities you need. You’ll be expected to work with the team for four hours a day (you’ll be trained during this time and you’ll meet some great new people) but once your working hours are finished you have the rest of the day free to hunt for gold – or explore the gorgeous Alaskan landscape around you.

Australian Golden Tour

If the Alaskan Mountains aren’t enough to satisfy your adventure cravings, then this Australian Gold mining tour should hopefully do the trick. Definitely the more expensive option, you’re paying for an amazing variety of landscape, as well as experienced tour guides and great company. The tour lasts for 20 days and costs in the region of $15,000 – but included in this is everything you need, including flights and equipment. You’ll experience the Australian outback in its full glory, staying in a variety of camp sites and hotels and travelling in everything from 4×4 jeeps to Helicopters!


About the Author: Ellie-Rose Williams is a freelance writer who currently works for Gold Traders, specialists in scrap gold. If you’re interested in selling your unwanted jewellery, check out their cash for gold guide.

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