A Savannah Adventure for the Whole Family

Savannah, Georgia provides families with children of all ages a perfect place to go on vacation. The area offers a strong emphasis on history, but it also has several modern amenities that will make it attractive to people of all interest levels. Whether you are going on vacation to trace the footsteps of several historic figures or simply want to spend a weekend at the beach, Savannah is the ideal location for your next family trip.

Savannah, Georgia

Fun Ideas for Lodging

Savannah features a wide range of different lodging options, including camping, historic inns and well-known national chains, and it is easy to find accommodations that are close to the Historic District.

Camping Out- If you have young kids, this option poses to be the most fun. The right camping gear and possible equipment needed would help to make the trip a bit more comfortable. For instance, if you have an infant or toddler, packing a playard for night time sleep and possible ventures to the beach would be ideal. With the many attachments that come with it, like the changing table and extra storage space, this could prove to be invaluable while visiting.

Historic Inns– For people who love history and tradition, this choice of lodging would be ideal. With the beauty and uniqueness found in Savannah, staying in a historic inn would help sustain the history found there.

National Chains– With the beauty surrounding all of Savannah, a person can find accommodations from many national chains conveniently located throughout the town with quite a view. There are many to choose from that will fit any budget.

Family Friendly Attractions in Savannah
1. Tybee Island – If your family enjoys spending time at the beach, you should definitely plan an outing to Tybee Island. This area has been rated by AOL as one of the 10 best city beaches in the country, and it also offers families the option to rent bicycles to go on a tour of the island. Additionally, the island features several museums and war forts to help you learn more about U.S. history.

2. Dolphin Magic Tours – One of the best ways to get your children interested in aquatic life and conservation is to introduce them to both concepts at a young age. Fortunately, Savannah has several options for getting on the water. Instead of simply looking at aquatic life in an aquarium, you can treat your family to a Dolphin Magic Tour that will enable your children to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

3. Angela Beasley’s Puppet People – The age of your children will help you determine which of Angela Beasley’s puppet shows to go to. For example, if you have teenagers who are old enough to be comfortable with adult situations, you might want to buy tickets for one of the shows that is aimed at adults and features historical characters from Savannah’s history. There are also several kid-friendly shows available, and you can book a private party if you would rather not go to a public performance.

4. Georgia State Railroad Museum – Most young children are fascinated by trains, and Savannah gives your kids the opportunity to learn about the history of the Georgia railroad. The museum features an actual historic train that you can tour and take a ride on, and there are also kid-friendly activities that take place on board.

5. Savannah Theatre – The historic Savannah Theatre hosts a diverse list of shows, and several of them are family friendly. Therefore, if you want an easy way to inject some culture and entertainment into your vacation, the Savannah Theatre provides a great solution.

Savannah has a long list of shopping and historical attractions that can help you round out the perfect itinerary. Whether you plan to stay together for the entire vacation or break up into smaller groups, you will definitely be able to find several items of interest to suit every member of your family.


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