A package holiday to Spain: Enjoy Ibiza by day


Ibiza is famous for its string of pubs, restaurants and discotheques. However, this Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea has a lot more to show you on your holiday. It is filled with beautiful beaches, enchanting countryside, history and culture. You will enjoy the sights of stunning white washed villages, each with their own ancient church. Much of island’s landscape is unblemished by development with ancient architecture showing the marks of Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, and Catalans, with Carthaginian relics among the best in the world.

Upon arriving most people head straight to cathedrals, castles and landmarks. For example, Las Salinas Salt Flats is one of Ibiza’s most famous landmarks. This area has been used for more than 2,000 years.  As the water evaporates during the hot summer months, a sparkling layer of pure salt is left on the bottom of the lakes making it one of the most beautiful spots for sunset photos.

Another fantastic place for a day out is the Renaissance-era walls of Dalt Vila. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This site gives a glimpse into Ibiza’s history. A crossroads for different cultures for centuries the best-preserved coastal fortress in the Mediterranean is now the site of concerts and cultural activities throughout the year.

Beach-lovers don’t have to stray far to find the longest stretch of beach on this island. The warm and clear waters make this island a perfect spot for water sports such as waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, banana boat or even a relaxing pedalo.

The biggest retail event on the island is the hippie market. A fine array of craft work and trinkets is set out for tourists to buy. A visit to one of the famous Hippy markets is a must. These markets have a wide variety of things to choose from. For example, the most exotic batik wraps and clothing to tailor-made leather moccasins and a tantalizing variety of East Asian silver jewelry and trinkets.

The best way to see Ibiza is to hire a car and spend the day cruising around the island. A package holiday to Spain will help you make the most of your precious holiday time.

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