A Guide to Men’s Designer Accessories for Your Trip

Men's travel accessoriesWhen it comes to taking a vacation, men’s accessories play a large part in the holiday. There are five essential accessories that you must remember to take with you. Getting these basic stages right before your holiday could save you time when you arrive at your destination.

A Luggage Case

Luggage cases are important for any holiday, as they protect your belongings and help you carry your things between locations. A luggage case must be lightweight and secure, as well as stylish. If you are going through an airport or on a coach trip, then you will need to have a luggage case that is well protected. To reduce ironing, the luggage case needs to be rigid and be well built to protect your clothing, footwear and accessories. Paul Smith Accessories luggage cases are made to a really high standard to ensure that your luggage is secure.


Some men like to take a different wallet with them on their holiday. A lightweight but stylish wallet is an ideal match. The wallet needs to be able to carry your credit cards and cash, but needs to be smaller and easier to carry. Credit card wallets are a good idea when going on holiday, as they provide a small compartment for notes and are big enough to carry your essential cards. Paul Smith credit card wallets provide an excellent balance between practicality and style, which is ideal for any man on vacation.


Caps such as the snapbacks are very popular when going on holiday. With their large branded logos and peaks to protect you from the sun. Wearing the right cap can improve your image and style. The branded logos are very prominent, and these are often the talking point of any cap. The branding is very important, but caps are seen as a more relaxed street style. Crooks and Castles and Ralph Lauren caps are highly sort after, with their famous branded logos. Caps for on your holiday should provide an easy to use fasten and breathable holes, to ensure that you don’t get affected by the heat.


Different types of belts can help support you throughout the days and evenings. Casual belts can be used to enhance your appearance in the day, but a more traditional style belt can be used for a more formal appearance at night. Belts are an essential part of an outfit for many men, as they provide both security and style. Hugo Boss and Paul Smith Accessories provide a great range of belts in a variety of styles that are suitable for wearing on holiday.


Probably the most important item to remember on your trip is your underwear. Stylish boxer shorts are an essential element to remember. Designer vests are also good when trying to build on your tan, or whilst you are spending time at the gym or by the pool. Arguably one of the most recognised brands of underwear is Hugo Boss, as they provide high quality boxer shorts with large branded logos.

Obviously luggage and underwear are the most important elements to remember when travelling abroad, but caps, belts and wallets are also important to remember to ensure that you have everything that you will need on your holidays.


  1. Thanks for the lovely tips. I must say designer that these designer accessories really add to your personality and moreover are a lot more convenient to carry along with your trip.

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