A Guide to Albufeira, Algarve

Albufeira has been a popular resort in the Algarve for many years, with the seaside town providing visitors with a taste of the luxurious Algarve . The town’s location right on the coast, close proximity to Faro airport and popular nightlife on the Strip all add the Albufeira’s appeal. There’s more to Albufeira than just bars and beaches though, with its interesting history as a fishing village, beautiful churches and colorful buildings, holidays to Albufeira provide visitors with the opportunity to sample traditional Portuguese culture in a beautiful setting.

Fishing Boats in Albufeira

What to See

The large modern city of Albufeira grew up around a small fishing village, and many of the local residents still work as fishermen. If you head down to Fisherman’s Beach in the Old Town you can still see the fishing boats being pulled in from the water every morning – and as an added bonus, the beach is really lovely too! There are a few good bars and restaurants nearby too, so it’s a great place to stop for lunch. If you want a bit of history in your holiday, make sure you check out the Castelo de Paderne. The ruined castle is a great place to head for a touch of the area’s history, and a great spot for a picnic too. Entry is free and it’s only five miles away from the centre of Albufeira.

For thrill seekers there is the chance to explore the coast on four wheels, quad biking is extremely popular and is sure to get the adrenalin pumping. Sit back and cruise as the wonderful coast whizzes by.

Where to Eat

Albufeira isn’t short of restaurants and bars, with a mix of English favourites and Portuguese classics served throughout the day. There are some great restaurants in the Old Town too, which are mostly in the central square. Most restaurants in town serve a range of delicious fresh seafood, taking advantage of the incredibly fresh fish from the local port. Restaurants like Teodosio in nearby Guia serve the Portuguese classic Chicken Piri-Piri. If want to really treat yourself then the Vila Joya Restaurant is a definite must-visit – it’s one of the top restaurants in Portugal! For entertainment head to Johnny Hooper Saxophone Bistro, the tasty grilled meat and vegetables are supplemented brilliantly by the live band and exciting atmosphere.

Algarve Beach

Where to Stay

There are loads of great hotels in Albufeira, and of course where you want to stay will depend on how you’re travelling and who you’re travelling with. The Aparthotel Monica Isabela Beach Club is a great choice and good value as it lets you choose between self-catered and all inclusive accommodation. It gives you a bit more privacy than many of the other beach-front hotels as its set on a quiet side-street, and there’s even a mini-market in the hotel complex. There are loads of other hotels to choose from as well, and you can choose to rent a villa if you want that extra bit of privacy.

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