A Backpackers’ Guide To South America

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South America is one of the most sought after places on Earth. It’s packed with numerous treasures and wonders to explore. Best of all, this continent has something for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re into hiking, luxury, history, or just want to relax on the beach, you will find your own personal paradise in South America.

This guide will give you insights about the things you need know when backpacking South America.

Travel Requirements

You must obtain a passport to travel within South America with at least six months of validity. Visa requirements vary depending on the country you visit and where you are from. For example, Colombia and Ecuador are free to visit for travelers from the US, European countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia, on the other hand, have reciprocal visa fees. Check consulate information online before you go to ensure you won’t be turned back at the border.

What To Pack

Use a high quality backpack for your trip with compartments for easy access to the things you need. A lightweight backpack is a must for a long vacation. Remember that the climates within South America vary greatly, so make sure you bring clothes for all kinds of weather.

You should also choose your gear according to what kind of traveler you are. If you plan to go trekking in Patagonia, for example, you should bring camping gear, hiking boots, and warm clothing.

Safety Tips

When visiting a foreign country, you should educate yourself on the local laws and customs. You’ll have the best time when you avoid problems with the local people. Be safe and aware of the things happening around you. Generally speaking, avoid roaming around late at night alone, especially if you’ve been drinking. However, don’t be too paranoid. Learn a few Spanish or Portuguese phrases to connect with the people of the region. This will open the gates of friendship and ensure you a warm welcome.

Places To See

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There are thousands of South America tourist attractions you can see. Easter Island is one of the most talked about destinations that reveals a mystery of ancient times. Patagonia, on the other hand, is a spot for nature lovers with snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Machu Picchu is another mystical place that’s wildly popular. The grandest carnivals of Brazil are visited by millions annually where colorful floats and dancers flow out onto the streets. The Amazon is a haven for people who want to reunite with nature. We can’t forget to mention the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, where hundreds are gathered under the heat of the sun.

There’s more than what you imagine in South America. Witness it yourself and carry with you these tips to guide in your journey. Make your backpacking South America trip an experience you’ll never forget.

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