8 Fun Things to Do in Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida is a great place to vacation. Located in the Florida panhandle, it is famous for its gorgeous emerald green coast. It also happens to be one of the best cities in Florida to vacation in. Skip the long lines and whining children of Disney World and head to Destin for adventure and relaxation.

Here are some of the best things to do on your Florida vacation to Destin.

Destin, Florida beach and pier

Strap your Feet Into a Flyboard at Destin Power Boat and Flyboard

The staff will helpfully and safely teach you how to maneuver the flyboard (which shoots water beneath you, propelling you upward like a jetpack). They will let you go higher and higher once you master the basics. You might get lucky and have a school of dolphins for your audience – they are frequently spotted on the emerald coast. If you are ready for a life changing rush of adventure, look no further.

Destin Commons

Shop till you drop, or until you want to rest your feet next to the beautiful fountain. Eat at Zoe’s Kitchen for delicious Greek food, or relax with a beer at Hard Rock Café. Here you will find some of the more commercial things to do in Destin.

Crystal Sands Beach

This beach lives up to its name with white sand that feels like sugar. The teal water is clear and warm which reminded me of Jamaica.  The sun can be relentless and hot, so if you plan to stay the day, consider renting an umbrella and chairs from Pompano Joes behind the beach. Get there early on a weekday to beat the crowd, and like any beach you will want to check the water conditions by looking at the flags at the lifeguard station.

Go on a Pirate Cruise with the Family

The Silent Lady and Blackbeard II are exact replicas of 19th century pirate schooners, and two of the most popular things to do in Destin. This cruise is designed with the kids and parents both in mind. They give the kids pirate loot and soda while the parents get wine and beer for free. Dolphins may decide to show themselves here too, in the waters beside the ship.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Child by Flying a Kite

The beaches in Destin are soft, clean and usually free of crowds, which make for the perfect kite flying conditions. You can fly a kite of your own or just do a little bit of people watching as stunt kite flying is frequently practiced on the beaches. Check out the two day, Annual Kitty Hawk Kite Festival on the Harbor, to see a real kite flying show.

Go Parasailing with Just Chute Me Parasail

Even if you have never parasailed before, you can do this easily and have a great time at it. The guides are helpful and funny. They play music and there is a good chance that dolphins will swim underneath you while you get ready to sail.

Go Tubing or Kayaking on Blackwater River

Bring a cooler full of drinks and snacks to take with you on the four miles of beautiful river. It is floated in about 2 ½ hours, and it is a peaceful ride perfect for the whole family. Amazingly enough, this river bed is made up of soft white sand (much like the beaches), and has a lot of sand banks to stop and explore. Dip into the deep swirling eddies and have a picnic on the sparkling bank.

Chill Out and Relax

Take advantage of downtime to avoid the vacation hangover – that feeling of fatigue once the vacation is over. Destin is famous for offering vacationers breathtaking beachfront condo rentals, which will prove more relaxing than a hotel. Rather than spending your downtime in a single hotel room with minimal amenities, you might find yourself lounging on comfy couches and making dinner with fresh produce from the local market near your condo.

Things to Do in Destin

Destin has a lot to offer whether you are traveling solo or with family and friends. It’s almost impossible to have a bad time in Destin. See the dolphins, relax on white beaches and get adventurous in ways you never thought possible.

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