8 Things to Do and See in London

London is one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe. Exploring London should be right near the top of anyone who likes to think of themselves as a world traveler. The following makes a great checklist for your trip that skips the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

Double Decker Bus in London1. The Inns of Court

The Inns of Court house some of Britain’s judges and barristers. They are delightfully medieval and still in use today. They are an oft overlooked destination that is well worth the effort to visit.

2. Random telephone boxes

You can skip this if you’re not a Doctor Who fan. But if you’re not a Doctor Who fan you’ve got other problems anyway. Get a picture of yourself and the Tardis or spray paint a Torchwood logo on a wall next to it! (seriously don’t do that though, it’s illegal)

3. Take a double decker bus

This one doesn’t really need explaining. I mean really? You’re going to be moving around the city anyway you might as well travel in style. Nothing says cool smooth American like pretending you’re surfing on the top deck of a bus.

London Bridge4. Fireworks on New Year’s

Most of Europe has huge fireworks displays on New Year’s eve, and London is not an exception. Conveniently it’s also completely free to see considering that it’s pretty difficult to charge for a view into the sky.

5. Take a London Duck Tour

The London duck tour consists of riding around in what looks like a cross between a yellow screamer school bus and a fishing trawler over road and river through central London. Its quaint and gets you some funny looks, but it does give you a different view of the city from the river end of things.

6. Little churches

Skip the big old cathedrals and find a little old church. Often just as old as the big fancy stuff they will be less crowded and occasionally more intricate and interesting to look at. Additionally you can bet that you’ll be the only one you talk to back home who will have seen it.

7. The Household Cavalry Museum

Check out this place to see the Horse Guard. Don’t mess with these guys, they may look kind of funny in their 18th century uniforms but they’re real soldiers with real weapons. They are a ceremonial guard, but their training is a lot more than that.

8. Bridges

Bridges are cool. They tend to be designed to be visually appealing and also tend to be very architecturally sound so they stand for a very long time. If you look around you will find that some ancient Roman bridges were built so well that they are not only still around but still in general use by the public.

London is a fascinating place with no end to the number of bloody brilliant things to do, see, taste, and hear. Book your ticket and get over there! Even if once you get there you totally abandon this list and pay off a local to show you whatever they think is awesome you will not be disappointed. London is full of wonders.


  1. Really nice post! Next time surely I will try to follow your things in london. I would like to read more information in your blog.

  2. Thanks Edwin, let me know if you get a chance to try them out! Thanks too for taking a moment to comment.

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