8 Crazy Things that Hotel Guests have Asked the Concierge

In this day of insta-research via the World Wide Web, have hotel concierge services become a thing of the past? All signs point to no. It seems that the concierge desk doesn’t just answer questions and book the top Las Vegas shows for hotel patrons, they also take care of some seriously weird requests around the world. Here are the 8 weirdest reported (so far).


1. Cab Drivers with Passwords

It seems that patrons in the UK take their security very seriously, as one demanded that the cab driver provide a password and security phrase when picking up his adult daughter at the airport.

2. Over the Top Proposal

Lots of romantic and even humorous wedding proposals have been facilitated by the ever-helpful concierge desk, but none quite as extravagant as the man in New York City who asked to have his bride-to be flown around in a helicopter. Meanwhile, two camera crews (air and ground) followed to the Statue of Liberty, where hotel staff unfurled a 100-foot banner that read, “marry me.”

3.  Dinner is Served on Sir

Another one from London, the patron asked the concierge to find her a man willing to use his naked body as a sushi platter.

4.  100 Red Roses…No, Wait – Make That Petals

This customer wanted to spare little expense when he asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage – very little. When he was told how much it would cost to deliver 100 red roses to his room, he opted for 100 rose petals.

5.  Peruvian Tiles

A couple wanted to ship the red clay tiles they purchased in Peru – 2,000 of them – back home to the US. Not too odd, right? Not unless you consider that the tiles only cost them $200, and the shipping $6,000.

6. Herding Deer

This one comes from interviews on howstuffworks.com: A hunter asked the concierge if he could provide “deer pushing services” – literally pushing the deer towards him so that he could shoot it.

7. Relieved of the Lionfish

Travel and Leisure reports that a guest demanded the hotel staff at a beach resort in Seychelles remove an offending lionfish he saw in the ocean because he was afraid to swim knowing it was there.

8. 007 Groom

The bride-to-be knew that her future husband had fantasized about wearing James Bond’s tuxedo to their wedding – complete with hidden pockets to conceal those extra guns and knives and exploding watchbands. But she probably didn’t realize that the one she demanded, worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, was a one-of-a-kind item. The concierge was unable to get the company to reopen to make another, so ended up hiring a team of villagers near the company in Rome to pull it together. They then flew in a tailor to fit him in it.

Remember, no task is too small or too large, if you’re willing to pay for it. Go ahead and ask your friendly hotel concierge for your heart’s desire – that’s what they’re there for, after all.

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